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Digital Prajñā breaks down the fundamental principles of carving out a Successful Digital Marketing Career.

Success is not what you think it is. It is happiness in essence. Building Successful Career demands your efforts, work, attention, sacrifices and be disciplined.

We teach you to crack the personal and professional life in a very approachable and practical way with the least resistance from your own mental habits to be a happy individual.

Building a successful career isn’t about what you do

It’s about who you are!

We Guide Fancy Trends Addicted Guys

These guys make up to 99% of the world’s population as they are the people with less attention span, living a more confused life juggling between multiple things, following the society enforced fancy trends rather than following their own heart. 

They would hardly have 20 seconds of focus as they have affected and impacted badly by a distractive environment that they are living in.

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transformed individual

Become Transformed Happy Individuals

These make up the rest 1% people in the world as they are the one who stick to their long term goals, have ability to focus on one thing at a time for a stretch of hours, absolute clarity with their thoughts, words, and actions.

They are the path makers, they create their own path and succeed as individuals be it becoming a digital marketing professional or a one-man army freelance digital marketer or as a happy digital entrepreneur.

How do we do it in style!

Digital Prajñā is a platform to build and grow your career in Digital Marketing to 
become a full-time professional, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur through digital marketing online courses

Individual Transformation

We teach you the ancient to modern methodologies to reprogram your mental thought patterns to achieve your goals.

These are Scientific based practical techniques have potential to change the old you to the new positive you.

You would be having a 100% grip over your own life by dictating your thoughts, words, and actions mindfully by being in alignment with your goals that you have set for.

Career Guidance

Discover your core passion by the time-tested methodologies and cross verify if the domain suits you or not.

Know your weak points and strong points when it comes to developing the necessary skills to thrive in the digital eco-system through skill gap analysis process.

You shall acquire the potential job skills to find suitable jobs for your career and be guided to enhance your communication skills.

Skill Development

Once you decided to pursue your career in Digital Marketing, you would start developing the required skills to thrive in the Digital Eco System to become a full-time Digital Marketing professional.

You would start applying the methods in real-time as it is an activity-based program by following the action plan diligently with a regular support from our community and expert calls.

Self-reliable Powerful Individual

You are a person who doesn't want your life to be in other's control but yourself, you take this giant leap from being professional to a Powerful Individual.

Fortunately, we all have innate powers within us. Unless we are guided by someone who has already tread the path it's bit difficult to crack it. We will take care of guiding you on the path.

Your ways to get recognized

We provide guidance on multiple other certification programs along with ours during course of 4 stage transformation. 

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Here's how you'll get benefited

Digital Prajñā is a platform to build and grow your career in Digital Marketing be it
becoming a full-time professional, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur. 

Learn from Anywhere

You shall receive your login credentials just after the successful payment for the chosen program from Digital Prajñā. Not only that you will be guided on how to use and access it for the lifetime.

Industry Trends and Updates

You will be given access to join the private group on the social networks to receive the latest industry updates, trends, tools, techniques, news, tricks, and tips on Digital Marketing.

Community Support

You would be given an access to the private social networking platform where you will be guided and helped by the community members to learn and grow together.

Email Updates

You shall also be receiving the Digital Prajñā Job opportunities and Interview tips to crack your interviews as an aspiring digital marketer.

digital marketing skills growth pyramid

We teach you to be a 


By now you have understood we follow the INSIDE OUT approach which is why we believe in Mind over Matter. We mind our mind first before tweaking the matters on the outside matter 😉

1. SELF-MASTERY PROGRAM: Self-Mastery Program which is our first level program which purely focuses on reprograming your brain and mental habit patterns through various techniques.

2. CAREER LAUNCH BLUEPRINT: Career Launch Blueprint course bundle would help you discover your true passion and find the natural interests that are in alignment with the job opportunities available in the digital eco-system.

This also helps you acquire the necessary skills to crack the interviews.

3. DIGITAL MARKETING MASTERMIND: Digital Marketing Mastermind Program prepares you to be a Digital Marketing Professional Practitioner.

4. DIGITAL MARKETING GROWTH HACK: Digital Marketing Growth Hack Program helps you make the best use of most of the opportunities in the Digital Eco-system.

Know more about our teaching methodology in detail.


Learn everything in One Place

Digital Prajñā provides necessary life and skill frameworks through which
you can build and grow your career in Digital Marketing and in your personal life too!

Goal Setting

Learn the ways and means to set a practically achievable goals and achieve them.

Time Management

Understanding time wasters of your own life, time-tested methods to complete the tasks to hit your goals.

Thought Power

Human thought power has enormous potential but very less people are able to tap in to it. Learn how.

Delimiting Yourself

I can’t do this. I can’t achieve this. This is not for me. Understanding & decoding self-doubts to deal with them elegantly.

Job Seeking Methods

Fool proof techniques to know what works and what not for getting the desired jobs in the digital world.

Interview Cracking

Crack any interviews following these tips and methods to get your first job or to grow in your career.

Communication Skills

The most powerful skill to transform your life multifold. Make the best use of the resources given to acquire one by yourself.

Memory Techniques

Do you know why most people set goals and don’t achieve? Because of memory problem. Know how and avoid getting caught up in this web of memory problems.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has plenty of platforms and tools to master. Go from Basic to Expert level Digital Practitioner.

Project Management

By learning Project Management you can easily grow in your career superfast by making use of the templates and checklists given.

Marketing Automation

Save a lot of Time and Energy by making use of the automation tools available and know how to use them strategically for any businesses.

Productivity Hacks

Taking help is always a best way when you are not good at what you do. Learn the techniques of taking help to reach your goals quickly.

Your Stages of Evolution

Whether you want to become a full-time digital marketing professional, freelance digital marketer, or grow your business using Digital Marketing as a solo-entrepreneur, you have it all under Digital Prajñā’s program roof!

Career Launch Blueprint Online Course Bundle

Career Launch Blueprint

10 Days Program

Level 1 & 2 Program

By the end of the coaching program, you will learn how to set a goal, using your time wisely, understanding human thought powers, delimiting self-limiting beliefs, job skills, communication skills, and how to start your career in Digital Marketing and grow exponentially.

Digital Marketing Mastermind

Digital Marketing Mastermind

30 Days Program

Level 3 Program

Learn the art and science of digital marketing starting from marketing basics and research to digital marketing basics. Multiple ways to promote any businesses to increase the ROI. By the end of the coaching program, you would become equivalent to at least 1-2 years of experienced professional.

Digital Marketing Growth Hack Online Course Bundle

Digital Marketing Growth Hack

90 Days Program

Level 4 Program

This is an advanced level program that demands the person to be at least having 2-3 years of experience in Digital Marketing to learn Project Management, Automation, and Productivity Hacks. By the end of the course complete, you would be competent enough to compete with 3-5 years of professionals role wise.

Learn, Earn, Become Expert & Grow Beyond!

Get access to the courses at anytime, anywhere, and through any device (Laptop, Desktop, or Mobile). 
All Digital Prajñā courses include materials, notes, tool, checklists, templates, and resources at the relevant lessons.

digital marketing online course bundle

Easy Online Learning

Our Learning Management System helps you access the courses at one place and you can go through them at any time you want, any number of times you would like to access, and ask the questions at the required modules.

Resources files are either attached or sent by email for more learning.

Valuable Resources

You will be given an access to all our bundle of resources such as Checklists, Templates, QnAs, and many other resources which would enhance your both personal and professional life.

These resource files would help you keep a track of progress you make through every step you take. 

digital marketing downloadable resources
people with question gadgets

Have Questions?

Level 3 and 4 courses include monthly QnA sessions, and doubt clearing sessions.

Along with Expert Interviews will be available based on experts availability.

Join our next digital marketing webinar for more updates. 

One-to-One Coaching

Subject matter Experts will be available to assist you with a one-to-one career guidance and a training program after analyzing your profile thoroughly and your intensity of the desire to grow in your career by taking 100% responsibility. (We limit this to 5 people per batch with intense focus and learnings). This will be on demand. Coaching will happen online. Interested students can email [email protected]

online education one on one session

Are you just starting off in Digital Marketing?

Below are some of the detailed guide on Digital Marketing that give you head start on your digital marketing career. Read On!

Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Institutes in India is not going to help unless you have take actions on what you have learnt from them. There are numerous institutes which are providing digital marketing education through online or offline coaching modules. It is you who has to decide whether you want to go for:
  1. Personal coaching.
  2. Trained by industry experts.
  3. Focusing on practical training.
  4. Want to get certified as a professional.
  5. Looking to pursue your career in Digital Marketing so on and so forth.
However, reviews, ratings, other opinions matter a bit but at the end of the day it is your personal experience with the trainer and the education you get does matter. We focus purely on individual growth as to help you become expert digital marketer. Feel free to check out our 3 stage process of career growth from digital marketing courses and our teaching methodology section.
We have crafted 3 programs that would help you shape up your career in Digital Marketing. Some of the best online digital marketing training courses include:
  1. Career Launch Blueprint Program.
  2. Digital Marketing Mastermind Program.
  3. Digital Marketing Growth Hack Program.
Each one has crafted by keeping target audience experience in our mind. Do check out digital marketing online training courses in the website.
Below 10 things will help you get started with your digital marketing career:
  1. Discover your core passion.
  2. Aligning with your natural interest.
  3. Checking the roles demand.
  4. Analyzing the different salary range and positions.
  5. Creating your online presence
  6. Knowing the trends movement.
  7. Using your creative powers.
  8. Online Networking.
  9. Ability to read data through analytics.
  10. Getting practical experience.
Career Launch Blueprint is going to help you get started with launching your career in Digital Marketing.
Average Time Period of Digital Marketing Course Completion ranges from 12 weeks to 6 months. You need to grasp the concepts, understand the platforms and the way it behaves, using your creativity and analytical bent of mind to craft profitable digital marketing campaigns. It takes roughly 12-weeks or 3 months. The more you put your time into it, the better will be your expertise.
Digital Marketing has a wide range of skillset. You can develop one and go deeper than going braod at an initial stage. This is how we teach you to using our Digital Marketing Career Launch Blueprint and Digital Marketing Mastermind programs. Below are some of the digital marketing skills you need to acquire in 12-weeks or less:
  1. Search Engine Optimization.
  2. Search Engine Marketing.
  3. Google Analytics.
  4. Creative Design Skills
  5. Content Marketing skills.
  6. Copywriting skills.
  7. Persuasion Techniques
  8. Technical Skills.
  9. Video Marketing skills.
  10. Planning and Strategizing.
  11. Analysis and Research Skills.
You shall learn all the above skills using Digital Marketing Mastermind or Digital Marketing Growth Hack program.