Digital Prajñā


Digital Prajñā is not a platform where you will upskill yourself and end up getting some skills and join some companies and lead a more dreadful life than ever before. This is the most regular approach to life.

Digital Prajñā is a place where you will learn the value of this beautiful human life, discover your true passion during the process of understanding your natural and core interests and serving the world with your wisdom, skills, and passionate work.

What can you expect from Digital Prajñā?

Digital Prajñā is a platform where students will never be enforced to take up the courses unless one decides to pursue and grow in his career by treading path of Digital Marketing.

We have logically and mindfully crafted this process to help humans to lead a peaceful, content, happy, and skillful life by tweaking the inner realities to create a beautiful outer world.

That’s why we follow INSIDE OUT  teaching approach.

Digital Prajñā courses is for the one who want to enhance their life not only professionally but personally too.


1. Self-mastery Program – Guides you on the life skills.

2. Career Launch Blueprint – Helps you make a better decision with digital marketing career.

3. Digital Marketing Mastermind – Provides knowledge which helps you acquire Digital Marketing skills.

4. Digital Marketing Growth Hack – Guides you become self-reliable and self-sufficient.

Each course will take you to the next level in your own life provided you take actions diligently and work rottenly and find joy in whatever you do.

Remember, people who have found their passion, they never work they live through it.

We follow reverse engineered approach of life, first being then doing, and having the things you want in your life.

Ultimately, you are the decision makers and you are action takers and we are here to only guide you on the things which has worked for us.