Google Ads Ad Extensions

11 Google Ads Extensions That You Should Use To Skyrocket Conversions

As Promised in my previous blogs on Google Ads CTR Part 1 and Google Ads Click Through Rate Part 2  that I would be sharing you on multiple ways to increase conversions using Google Ads Ad Extensions. 

Here is the BONUS Material for YOU!

You can implement these techniques at any point of time to your Ad Copies. Adopting these techniques would drastically increase the Google Ads Click Through Rate and in turn Conversion Rate too!

Google Allows you to make use of Ad Extensions, which could help you stand out from the competitors.

What are Google Ads Ad Extensions?

Ad Extensions as the name suggests that it is an extension of an Ad, where in you could capture more space in the Search Engine Results page especially in the Ad Space giving user a multiple option to choose from before he clicks your Ad.

Below are some of the most effective Ad Extensions which could help you bring more traffic to the website and increase the conversion rate.


#1 Sitelink Ad Extension

Sitelink Ad Extensions are to send the users to a different pages of your website. 

Using this you could show different services that your company provide to the users in a Single Ad Copy. 

If suppose you are running an Electronic Company where in you sell different Electronic Products like Desktop, Smart Phones, Laptop, and TVs. You could show them up all in Single Ad Copy.

How to create Site link Ad Extension?

Click on Ad extensions in the Google Ads interface, select Sitelink. Click on add Sitelink to create one for the campaign.


Google AdWords Sitelink Ad Extension
  • You can specify the Start and End date if in case if you are running a season or offer Ads.

  • If you have a mobile specific landing pages, you could specify that in URLs for Mobile option.

  • If you are making use of third party tracking tool to track the Ads, you can specify that URL in advanced option.

#2 Location Ad Extension

Click on Ad extensions in the Google Ads interface, select Location Extension.

Click on add Location Extension to create one for the campaign.

You need to link your existing GMB page, if you don’t have one you will need to create one for your business.

Please follow the complete guide on “Google My Business Page and Optimize” that could help your business gets noticed in your physical area.



You should have to link your Google My Business Page account to use this account.

This would allow you to show up the physical location of your Business in the Ad Copy.

This can help you reach the potential customers nearby your office.

Google AdWords Location Ad Extension Example


How to create Location Ad Extension?

Follow the below picture to link your Google My Business Page and create a Location extension.


Google AdWords Location Ad Extension


Pro Tip: You will have to mention Location Extension only when you are expecting the people to visit your physical address not the other way round. 

There are few businesses that require someone from company should visit the users. In that case your conversion might get hurt.

Example: Plumber Services.


#3 Call Extension

If you would like your customers to call up directly, you could specify your Telephone Number to help customers reach you through Phone call.

How to create Call Ad Extension?

Select Call Extension from the Ad Extensions tab, click on Add +New Phone Number. Enter your number and choose the options available which is feasible for your business and Save.

Google AdWords Call Extension


Call Tracking

You can literally track the Calls as conversion. 

To setup a conversion tracking, you have to go to Conversion tab, select Phone Calls as a conversion option. 

Then, select the first option. 

Follow the instructions show in the below picture to setup conversion tracking for Call Extension.

Google AdWords Call Extension Tracking

NOTE: Call Conversion tracking is available only for few countries. Please read more here!



#4 App Extension

If you have your own Mobile Application and you would like to show it up as an Ad Extension to the Ad Copies, you can make use of this option.

How to create Call Ad Extension?

From the Extension drop down, you need to select App Extension, Click on +New App, select Mobile  Operation System (iOS or Android), look up for your App by entering the App name. 

You can make use of advanced option as well such as Scheduling, URLs for Mobile, and Tracking URL.

Google AdWords Sitelink App Extension

#5 Review Extension

You might have got a positive review on your business services or products from a third party websites. You could show up on your Ad using the link of the review page. 

Note that the third party website you will be mentioning should be authoritative and credible enough to recommend you.

Credibility gets increased if you add a paraphrased or exact quote from the third party website as your ad title.

How to create Review Ad Extension?

You will only be able to create Review Ad Extensions for the Search Network only campaigns. 

Click on +New Review after selecting review ad extension from the drop down.

Follow the below instructions from the picture to create one.

Google AdWords Review Extension

#6 Callout Extension

You can show up your USPs or Offers or any special event that your business might going to conduct in that case, you will have to use Callout Ad Extensions to increase the relevancy and chances of getting clicks.

Keep in Mind:

* Device Preference Callouts will be given higher preference compared to standard callouts on Mobile devices.

Similarly, standard callouts will be given higher preference over mobile-optimized callouts on Desktop and Laptop devices.

* If your campaign has only Mobile optimized callouts, it will be shown across all the Mobile, Desktop and Laptop devices.


How to create Callout Ad Extension?

Select the callout extension from the drop down list of ad extensions, click on +New Callout and write a compelling callout text.

The character limit for callout extension is 25 characters.

Google AdWords Callout Extension

#7 Structured Snippet Extension

Structured Snippet Extension allows a Google Ads Advertiser to show up an extra line of ad space with one of the following category shown in the picture.

How to create Structured Snippet Ad Extension?

You can add up to 10 Values for any selected category from the drop down shown in the below picture.

To create a structure snippet ad extension, you will have to select Structured Snippet from the Drop down list of Ad extensions, select the option from the category.

Fill up the information for the values fields with a character limit of 25 each.

Google AdWords Structured Snippet Extension

#8 Price Extension

Price Extensions are to specify the price of a product or services that an advertiser is offering to the customers. 

Price Extensions can be used only on Mobile Devices.

How to create Price Ad Extension?

Select Price Extension from the drop down list of Ad extension tab, enter the item header and description with the character limit of 25. 

You can select the relevant price qualifier, type, language and currency from the drop down list. 

You can add up to 8 product details in the extension.

Google AdWords Price Extension


#9 Message Extension

Message Extension help your customer to contact you through an SMS.

How to create Message Ad Extension?

You have to select message extension from the Ad Extensions option from the menu tab. 

Select +New Message Extension to create one. 

While specifying the message extension ensure that your Extension text should be Call To Action this would increase the Click Through Rate of an Ad.

Google AdWords Message Extension


#10 Affiliate Location Extension

Affiliate Location Extensions help customers to find the nearby stores. 

If you are promoting your product or services through retail chains then this is the best option to go for.

How to do Location Ad Extension Works?


  1. Customer search for a product on Google.

  2. Your Ad gets triggered with Affiliate Location Extension.

  3. Customer will be able to find the nearest store in his location.

  4. From mobile device he can get the directions through Map from your Ad.

  5. Customer visits the store and purchase your product.


How to create Affiliate Location Extension?

To create Affiliate Location Extension, you have to select Affiliate Location Extension from the drop down list from the Ad Extensions tab. 

Select the relevant options and Click on save.

Google AdWords Affiliate Location Extension


This extension is currently available in United States and United Kingdom for Auto Dealers.

If you are a General retailer then it’s available only in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Germany.


#11 Automated Extension Report

If you want to show up the customer and seller ratings on your Ad Copies, then you have to choose this option.

Do follow the below 2 steps to create the Automated Extension Report:

  1. To create an Automated Extension Report, you have to select the option from the Ad Extension drop down and click on Edit.

  2. You can either choose the automated report for the account or specify the one you want from the list shown in the below picture.

Google AdWords Automated Extension Report
Google AdWords Automated Extension Report 2


Here you go to know more on Consumer Ratings and Seller Ratings.

PS: You can apply the Ad Extension at any level: Campaign, Ad Group or at Account level.

Case Study: Accor Hotels Uses Google Ad Extensions to Increase Incremental Conversions by 14%