Best Digital Marketing Resume

Best Digital Marketing Resume: How to Craft One that attracts HR [PDF]

Best digital marketing resume, how does it look like?

If you ask me, I would say, there is no best as such!

If a person can handle an uncertain situation with the right skill set, resume stands out from the rest.

That’s all there is to it. Period.

Digital Marketing is a very vast domain.

You can call yourself as a Digital Marketer when you have a grip or at least knowledge over all the core channels of it.

Below are the core channels one needs to have the experience to handle the whole campaign.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Driving free organic traffic to your Websites.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Driving paid traffic to the destination pages.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) – At least the top 3 channels of social media. (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).

You should be able to drive organic visibility and paid methods to generate leads or sales.

Email Marketing – Customer delighting happens here. You can nurture the leads collected through multi-channels of online marketing.

Content Creation and Promotion – If you are able to craft a content that attracts users

Graphics Designing (Optional) – Very good to know this aspect of content creation.

Website Creation (Optional) – This skill saves money in investing in lead page platforms.

Become a full-stack digital marketer by learning how to use all the core channels.

Aim of Digital marketing online courses is to transform individuals into full-stack marketers.

Digital Marketing becomes easy for the one who implements it in real-time.

  • Through Career Launch Blueprint you will learn Job Skills and Mindset.
  • Using Digital Marketing Mastermind, you will learn about digital marketing skills.
  • Become an advanced digital marketer through the Digital Marketing Growth Hack program.

Follow Deep Learning to upskill yourself, know more about Deep Learning.

You might have got enough certificates from different institutes.

You can get certified from Digital Prajñā too.

But, you’ll not get upskilled unless you take action and have a roadmap to follow.

How to craft the best digital marketing resume?

You can start off with any one channel.

Choose the channel based on your own interest and passion not based on the trend.

Stick to it for a while, understand it, and dig deeper into the subject.

Try to know different facets of it.

Master it.

Then move to the other one.

It would take at least 1-2 years with your consistent efforts on a daily basis.

You can be great at it by investing at least 3-5 years of your sincere efforts.

By then you would have a deeper understanding of most of the digital marketing channels.

Here is an idea if you are applying for fresher roles.

To craft the best digital marketing resume, the skill of 1 channel and knowledge of 3 channels is enough.

Apply for the specific role you want to work for.

Some startups will expect freshers with the knowledge of digital marketing.

Rest, they will train you on the role once you join.

The primary focus of this post is to help you learn how to craft an entry-level digital marketing resume.

Let’s get started…

Digital Marketing Resume Structure for Freshers or Entry-level Jobs

Now we will know what to mention in your digital marketing resume as a fresher.

Let’s begin with the digital marketing resume objective.

Your digital marketing resume may be for:

Social Media
Email Marketing
Market Research or

Anything should include the below important points.

  • Your resume’s aim should be clear.
  • Let them your experience or expertise through historic information.
  • You are valuable for the skills you have and how they could impact the organization’s growth.
  • Self-learn proofs that you can show the HRs that you are not like 100s of candidates out there.
  • Optimizing your resume with relevant keywords. Let’s begin with the summary first.

What is Digital Marketing Resume Objective?

A clear goal or summary of the resume will help the recruiter make a wise decision.

We all know that no one wants to hire a person who doesn’t fit into the roles.

Likewise, you need to understand the purpose of the job role before applying.

Try to match your digital marketing resume objective in alignment with the job role.

It may be internship or specialist or analyst position.

This could lead to higher chances of selecting your resume over others.

Let’s look into some of the example objectives of the digital marketing resume for freshers.

Digital Marketing Resume Sample Headlines (Don’t use them)

Below are a few examples headlines for digital marketing resume that you need to avoid using them.

Example 1

Goal-oriented individual with a computer science background. I have the ability to work without supervision and in a team setting. I am bringing 1 year of intern experience on web development project teams. Executing SEO tasks to optimize metadata. Ability to create sales copies to serve as a Digital Marketing Analyst at XYZ (Company Name).

Example 2 – Marketing graduate and e-commerce specialist. I have increased sales by 30% from 2018-2019 using Facebook Ads. My marketing background, superb writing skills, and campaign strategy will help your company. Seeking to land a Digital Marketing position at MNC Company as an Intern.

Example 3 – To achieve success in the field of digital marketing. Grow with the organization with a marketing education background.

Best Resume Headline for Digital Marketing

digital marketing resume headline

You need to stand out from the crowd.

Use your creative power to align your thoughts and express them through your words.

Keep it simple yet highly effective.

A few such examples of crafting an effective digital marketing resume summary.

Example 1 –

Recent engineering graduate from ABC University. Self-taught knowledge on Digital Marketing. I have experience in traffic, lead generation, and copywriting through my personal blog. The blog is about Motorcycle (2019-2020, 300% increase in traffic). Seeking to leverage my skills and knowledge to be the next SEM specialist at XYZ Company.

Example 2 –

Commerce Graduate (1st June 2020) from MNC University. Acquired SEO Skills managing an e-Commerce project as an SEO Intern at PQR startup. Increased ROI by 150% in 3 months. I would love to contribute to the SEO growth of XYZ Company through my skills and knowledge as an SEO Analyst.

In the above examples, you could notice they have covered the below points:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Skill Set
  • Position you are applying for, and
  • Company you would like to work for

It is straight to the point.

Rules to follow while crafting your resume objective:

  • Try to stick to 1-2 lines for your resume objective.
  • Always stress on one single goal avoid trying to be a jack of all.
  • Express only your core expertise with knowledge on other related channels.
  • Include result-driven points.

Why Digital Marketing Recruiter choose your resume over others?

recruiters searching for best resume

Let companies or HR know that you are able to handle the digital marketing job role.


You need to show them some proof of your previous company experiences:

  • As a full-time employee or
  • As an Intern or
  • As your freelance project or
  • As individual projects.

At worst case, you need to have a digital marketing basic knowledge.

You can showcase your completed certification programs in the Digital Marketing resume.

This would help HR choose your digital marketing profile over others.

If you may ask, how can I get experience without working?

Here is a comprehensive guide on getting digital marketing job experience.

Getting experience without working for any company.

Sounds Crazy?

But it works try it out for yourself!  🙂

You need to have digital marketing knowledge.

That would become easy for companies to train you on the digital marketing role you want to work for.

At least you need to have one or other digital marketing skills.

You will then stand out from the crowd.

Try to be useful to the organization you would like to work for to shortlist your resume.

The Digital Marketing Certification Programs that would help you get good basic knowledge.

  1. Google Digital Unlocked for digital marketer roles.
  2. Google Ads and Bing Ads for Paid Advertiser roles.
  3. Google Analytics for Analyst roles.
  4. Google Web Design for Website Designer roles.

You can become a freelance digital marketer or manage your own personal project.

In this way you can show your expertise to the HR or digital marketing interviewer.

Which Digital Marketing Skill to include in your Resume?

Before we try to know what skills to include in your digital marketing resume.

We will first understand what a skill is.

Skill is an ability to do a particular task. If you repeatedly perform a task, you become an expert at it.

Once you become an expert, you would take less time than you usually do.

You are being helpful to the organization by the tasks you perform which drive results.

The result-driven tasks should help businesses achieve goals in less time.

This is why they pay you.

If you understand this one thing, you will know the value of SKILLS.

You know the importance of:

  • Performing the tasks.
  • Drive results.
  • Take less time to drive results.

Since the technologies are moving fast.

If you want to increase the chances of getting selected, you need to get unskilled.

Procrastinate to get the necessary digital marketing skills.

You will become outdated in less time.

Let us try to know the skills you need to include in your digital marketing resume.

Best Digital Marketing Resume Samples

There are a lot of resources online for you to create the best digital marketing resumes.

Use them to create resumes for SEO, PPC, SEM, Analytics, Social Media Marketing job roles.

Top 8 websites to craft amazing resumes for digital marketing.

Here are the top 8 websites you can use to create digital marketing resume.


Some of the websites do allow you to download sample digital marketing resumes.

Do check them out for more information.

Best Digital Marketing Resume Format [Download]

Click on the below button to download the resume for digital marketing. Right click on the resume and click on save-as to download. 

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