Digital Prajñā took it’s birth from a seed thought of guiding and serving people with the knowledge of Internal and External world. Internal world deals with your thoughts and emotions and we teach you how to channelize it for better future. Outer world deals with the society created relative reality, here you need skills to thrive and survive, we shall guide you on that too. The world is going Digital so do we. We as a platform aim to transform unproductive individual to a super productive Happy Digital Marketing Individual. We focus on Quality Students and Quality Students alone!

CL Vikram

CL Vikram found his passion for Digital Marketing during his Computer Science and Engineering graduation. He followed his passion since then and worked for Top Multinational Companies like Yahoo! and Microsoft. He has served more than 100+ clients in his previous organizations using different Tools and Technologies.

Currently, he runs a Digital Marketing Startup “Leadometrics” as a solopreneur with few freelancers in Bengaluru. Being an SME he has numerous certificates in Digital Marketing and certified by Google, HubSpot, and Bing from Microsoft.

He would love to share his knowledge on Digital Marketing with the desired ones who would like to pursue their career in Digital Marketing or one want to become a freelancer or to grow their business through online marketing.

Graduation Days

Vikram in his early computer science engineering graduation days (2nd Semester) was looking out for some part time jobs due to financial crisis.

He found in one of the newspaper ads saying that there is a part time job available.


Immediately rang up the POC and got appointment fixed to discuss about the roles and responsibilities of the part time job further.

After discussing with a POC he got to know that there needs to be some investment required from his end.

He borrowed Rs. 3,500 from his friends and joined the program.

It was about “Health Product Promotion”, marketing offline where he was supposed to visit colleges, schools, and parks or wherever possible option to market the product and get potential prospects.

During the process of conducting the free health checkups he faced harsh rejections from the people!

Imagine a person roaming around the streets and parks requesting people for free health checkups, India is a place where you’ll meet a lot of people who will be bullying around without respecting the job roles and person’s life journey!

This is the harsh truth, whoever faced it could easily relate to his/her experience.

This process went on for the next 6 months, stepping outside of the home for generating leads for his owner.

Funny thing was, he was not tracking the sales and didn’t even know how the businesses work.

The owner started taking all the advantage from the hard work Vikram did and owner used to pay less than what he was supposed to give according to the agreement.
But still due to his life situation he did worked as he was a beginner and knew that he was learning the skills required.

First Turning Point

After 6 months he left the job and started looking out for the part time jobs online.

He did several jobs of literally no value and returns.

Some of the part-time jobs he did online:

  1. Click to earn jobs.
  2. Blogger Blogging.
  3. Online Surveys.
  4. Google AdSense. (This works if properly implemented).
  5. Ad Coupons Selling.
  6. Running Free Ad Accounts for Clients and more!

None of them seems to be generating tangible results.

He tried over 20+ methods and none of them did work.

He then started learning website designing and development, SEO, and Google Ads and later came to know that this is related Digital Marketing and started developing skills in the domain.

First Income Online

After tried out different methodologies and fed up with the whole process spending on an average of 6+ hours daily after the college or bunking the college rather, studies, internals and exams, he developed some of the basic skills of digital marketing in the next 2 years.

The amount of mental stress the person who has no guidance and especially in online space with overloaded information is petrifying. 

Whoever went through these stages in their journey of online marketing knows about it. 

Without a proper guidance there are high chances that one get lost in Online Space due to information overload.

He was introduced to affiliate marketing by one of his friends in Russia named Pavel Alimov.

Vikram took his help in joining the affiliate program of promoting the voice over product similar to Skype named “Telexfree”.

He began to promote the product across many countries with little knowledge of Bing Ads and Google Ads with a basic setup of landing page or a website.

Vikram started earning Rs. 20,000+ every single month during his graduation days.

He repaid the amount he has borrowed and partied harder every month with his friends with less or zero savings.

The amount of struggle he went through with a completely different background of education and no guidance at all he started cherishing the moments.

Due to some legal conflicts the company got shut down.

That’s how online marketing works if one does not take the actions systematically forecasting the future with multiple backup processes to revenue generation, one fails miserably.

Before considering Digital Marketing as a Full-time Career

He realized the potential of online marketing and it was booming in the country.

During his last year of graduation where he was applying for jobs and looking for better career options.

He left out with two options:

1. Doing MS in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence as he got selected at European University.


2. Joining a startup company he could pursue his entrepreneurial journey in the next 5-10 years in Digital Marketing.

Problem with the digital eco-system back then was no one was believing your skills unless you show them the results or some certifications to prove your knowledge in the domain.

Especially the companies he gave interviews for used to ask certifications and thought of getting certified in the domain first.


“Digital Marketing is a playground where you’ll be competing with your previous self.”


Before things started taking off, life takes its own turn for Vikram.

You know what?

He got one backlog in the last semester of his exam.

That’s how life challenges you every single time when you tread the path of unknown!

Such a disaster, he left the plan of going abroad and ended up taking the second option as his career path.

The funny thing was he had earned Rs. 40,000+ just before the next day of his first exam paper in his last semester of Engineering.

Probably, this is what they say, good luck in disguise! 😉 

As most of the money used to get burned in running the campaigns and due to rapid change in paid ad platforms he was unable to save the money.

He was not so good at economics.

He started venturing new sub-field of marketing which is CPA marketing where you’ll get some quick bucks for generating Acquisitions it could be a form submission, email submission, zip submission, or surveys or selling minimum viable products.

The thing with Digital Marketing is it helps one become an all-rounder. Learning to earn money is one thing while managing it is a different ball game altogether.

With the leftover money from affiliate marketing and CPA marketing, he thought of joining an institute where he could get along with the like-minded people and it helped him to expand his professional network while being a student and enhance his knowledge as well about the actual industry and understand the eco-system better.

He joined Web Marketing Academy and got certified in Google Ads and started working as an intern over there guiding students to get certified in Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Bing Ads while managing projects.

This gave him an edge of actual project management experiences.

This was one of Vikram's part time earnings during graduation days through Online Marketing back in 2013.

First Full-time Job

With the little experiences and little knowledge he did have, he got into a Startup NumbersFirst – A performance based digital marketing startup run by a person who had taken Vedantu to the level where it earned millions of dollars for the company and was a Senior Sales Expert at Microsoft.

Journey as a Digital Marketing Professional

After getting some experience over there he then moved to a Digital Marketing Agency i-Vista Digital Solutions.

He explored and understood the different facets of online marketing, understood how businesses work with the digital, client acquisition process, customer behaviors, customer-centric services, and customer retention along with his core passion role Paid Advertising.

There came a time, where he cracked Google Interview with over 300+ competition across India.

Due to family dependencies ended up working for Yahoo! and then Microsoft later here in Bengaluru only.

Training Experiences

One day at Yahoo! office, while he was enjoying the Multinational Company facilities something, dawned upon in his mind about the realities of getting caught up in the Rat Race.

He asked some questions to himself, how long can I work here? What if I waste my time here on planet earth working for someone who pays me hardly less than what I deserve and ends up being a worker, will I be able to experience the bliss and freedom that I am seeking after through this temporary life!

That’s the positive and negative side of understanding the businesses and revenue model.

You will eventually end up starting your own if you have a grip over what you are offering.

He quit the job strategically and prepared well for the deadly dangerous decision of treading the path of Entrepreneurship.

Training Experience at MNCs:

Training at Yahoo!

  • Being a Digital Marketing Trainer, he had trained around 12 members in the team on the Display Advertising Process.
  • Vikram had taught them on Quality Analysis, Reporting, and Escalation handling with different internal tools available.
  • He also trained his teammates in the Double Click Certification and helped them to crack the Double Click Certification Exams by guiding them properly on the Subject.

Training at Microsoft (Zirca)

  • Being a Digital Marketing Trainer, he had trained a total of 12 people in the Account Management team (Both Account Coordinators and Account Managers) with an average experience of around 6+ years on the Campaign Management, Optimization, and Reporting.
  • Vikram trained the Account Executives (Sales team) on the Client Acquisition process to acquire clients, lead nurturing, and market research with different tools.
  • He also automated some of the major projects like Device and Audience Targeting reporting using Macros.

These experiences helped him to carve out a Digital Marketing Mastermind Online Coaching Program with a total of 24 online courses.

Freelance Consultant

During the process, while being an employee for some organization, he used to take up freelance projects for keeping up his complete digital marketing skills alive.

He took the “Harivara” project and made it to establish a decent brand presence online in 6 months period.

Due to his knowledge of the subject, he was fortunate to conduct training for Employees at Zirca Digital Solutions (Which is a representative company for Microsoft in India).

In fact, Microsoft has had created a special designation that was supposed to handle by an expert of 10+ years of experience in the domain but he got selected with the recognition of his work and training at the office by his senior manager and VPs.

Just to give you an idea of how does Incubation Cell works is, it is a crucial job role where one needs to handle clients both existing one and new ones very gracefully providing valuable insights about campaigns that he handle which involved crores of money spends monthly on Bing Advertising platform.

He tested out his teaching caliber outside of the organization too, training employee of one of the insurance companies as the person was trying to switch the role after 10+ years of experience in the domain.

He trained him well and made him selected for a startup.

This made him to create an advanced program named Digital Marketing Growth Hack Online Digital Marketing Course Package with 27 courses..

What his colleagues has to say about Vikram

Sandesh from microsoft zirca recommends clvikram

Vikram is very efficient on his job. He has an excellent knowledge of search advertising on platforms specifically Google Adwords and Bing Ads. He has successfully demonstrated his SEM skills to improve efficiency of Paid Campaigns. He was actively involved in automation of critical tasks using Excel macros which helped the team to reduce the time required to complete those tasks. He conducted training sessions to train Account Coordinators, Account Management and Account executives which helped the team to improve their efficiency.

Vikram had proactively taken up the responsibility of AM for a month and helped to scale up revenue for important clients. Also, he is quite updated on latest changes in Digital Advertising and also plays key role in updating processes. He is an valuable asset for any organisation. I wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

Digital Marketing Head

Microsoft (Zirca)

Peter j miriani from yahoo recommends clvikram

Vikram joined the Yahoo! Network Quality Team in October of 2015. Since then he has quickly distinguished himself as a valuable addition to the team. Vikram is highly intelligent, highly motivated, and a highly impactful part of the core team.

Vikram mastered Yahoo ad policy and ramped up to a steady state faster than anyone on the team. He distinguished himself with high quality scores and productivity within his first six weeks of joining the team. This is an admirable feat for long-time veterans on the team. It is especially impressive in Vikram’s case, as he was the most recent addition to the team. It’s an understatement to characterize Vikram as a fast learner. He’s more like an immediate subject matter expert. I applaud Vikram for his ability to integrate and make himself vital in the fast-paced, ever-changing environment of Yahoo’s display advertising business.

As I manage Vikram remotely,I must rely upon him to be industrious and make sound judgments in Yahoo’s best interest in my absence. I’m pleased to report Vikram does not disappoint. I am informed by Vikram’s peers that he is independent and motivated in his work, he demonstrates a strong work ethic, and he advocates fiercely in Yahoo’s best interests. I’m also told he’s very pleasant to work with. These qualities are important, especially in an environment as dynamic and challenging as global display advertising. It can be difficult work. It really helps to have quality talent on your team.

I’m very pleased we were able to recruit Vikram for our team. To date he has only exceeded our expectations. I hope we’ll be able to retain him and help him grow within the organization. He has a ton of potential.”

Data Insights Manager


Abhiman from ivista digital solutions recommends clvikram

Vikram is a fully focused professional with expertise in Digital Marketing with skills across varied channels specializing in Google Adwords, Analytics and YouTube Marketing, SEO. He is instrumental for various projects which helped improve Marketing and sales goals across clients and was a pleasure collaborating with him.

Digital Marketing Specialist

i-Vista Digital Solutions

Somesh from webmarketingacademy recommends clvikram

Vikram is a awesome person to work and he has the passionate to work in DM. he is an expert in google adwords and has good skills in other areas like seo and smm.

Digital Marketing Consultant


First Startup

After he decided to pursue his Digital Marketing Entrepreneurial journey he understood the fact that it is never easy and took complete responsibility of all the roles that situation demanded him to play alone during the process of running a startup.

He registered the company with the grace of the god and moved on with the skills he did have to find the clients and started serving the clients.

So far he has served more than 15+ companies including abroad clients in the last 2+ years consists of services like Website Designing to Digital Marketing services.

One day he decided to share the little wisdom which is helping him to earn bread and butter so that others could also get benefited.

During his graduation days he faced some of the challenges which helped him to cut through the chaos and see the truth as it is:

  1. Lack of communication Skills – We Indians don’t accustom to talking a posh English if there is such a word :D.

    He later realized it is the misinterpreted version of communication skill and society enforced beliefs which have baseless reasons born out of inferiority complex!

  2. No proper guidance after graduation – Getting lost by being with everyone.
  3. Follow the followers – Most foolish way of living.
  4. Myths of getting settled in life after graduation – There is no such settlement when it comes to life.
  5. Moving in the opposite direction – Following passion is the way to live life to the fullest irrespective of the graduation degrees one might have.
  6. More Knowledge you have More Intelligent you sound to the foolish world – Perception disorders.
  7. More Talk Less Work – Considered as the great people in the world.
  8. Follow the trends or else you will get outdated – The most stupid decision one can take in his life.
  9. Truth Behind the Fancy – Getting into MNCs or any other jobs will not make you rich.

    Only relentless hard work combined with passion and core interests does.

    More than anything else helping others with their problem with your knowledge make your rich.

  10. Getting Rich is the Purpose of Life – Showing off with the results you generate is nothing to do with other actions.

    It can be only an inspiration but not bring tangible results in other’s life.

  11. Seeking Happiness Outside – Highly unrealistic way of approach to life.

So he came up with a concept of INSIDE OUT approach inspired by the Vedic Way of Life of the great rishis in the past who walked the path gracefully.

Know more about our company Digital Prajna’s teaching methodology.

There are plenty of coaching programs available both online and offline but when it comes to handling internal demons and challenges one faces concerning thoughts and emotions no one teaches you.

This is where the Career Launch Blueprint helps you overcome the challenges within and help you achieve your goals outside by following the INSIDE OUT approach as we call it.

There are thousands of online coaches sell their stuff with their high selling skills. But, we here focus purely on individual growth rather than any other criteria for Digital Prajñā.

People out there offer you skills but we focus on skills for both the internal world and the external world through which one can lead a peaceful, content, and successful life.

We wanted to give people everything they needed to know about getting their first job and get to know prior in hand about digital marketing and its opportunities to choose as a career without wasting tons of money, time, and energy joining the skill development courses.

This is where we work on an optimized online coaching program where it guides an individual to discover his core passion and learn the job skills with interview cracking methods and be guided to acquire communication skills in one single program.

Once he is aware of this stuff which builds him a solid foundation to succeed in his career as an individual by adopting the life skills taught under the Self-Mastery program.

Vikram has personally tested the methods taught in the program and has got immense benefits from the learning.

He has invested more than 5+ Lakh in learning the same stuff from multiple other sources and this is the crisp version of what and all he has learned in the past 10+ years from the graduation days to the present day.

Make the best use of his wisdom and hit your career goals by learning the necessary skills.

Final Words:

We find joy in seeing others succeed be it getting their first job, first online earnings as a freelancer or starting their entrepreneurial journey and succeed as an individual.

If we people learn and adopt the teachings in their own lives and lead a more peaceful life, we are more than happy than them.

Let’s contribute the best possible from our side to the world and be grateful to it always.

See you soon on the platform! 🙂

P.S: Any digital marketer now or before or after has to go through relentless struggle, steady efforts, and focused hard work without proper guidance.

It involves consistency, an attitude of persistence, and sacrifices too to succeed as a happy digital marketing individual.

If you are one of such kind you are welcome to the abundant opportunities that it brings. It works on the principle of cause and effect!