Digital Marketing Mastermind Course Notes

Marketing Foundation Model


Digital Marketing Introduction

In this section, you will get to know about the Digital Marketing Trends in India, What is Digital Marketing, How does it work, Inbound & Outbound marketing differences, Digital Marketing Career opportunities for Freshers, Students, and Professionals. Digital Marketing for Startups and SMBs.

marketing basics

Marketing Foundation 101

In this section, you will learn about Business Objective and Target Audience. How to set a goal to your business, how to search the target audience. What is buyer persona and negative persona and How to create buyer persona for your business. Checklist, Template and Tools to help you get started.

Market Research Blueprint


Market Research

In this section, you will learn about market research, need of a market research, how to perform a market research, and different types of market research. Main mistakes you should avoid in market research. You will also learn about the Buyer Journey. Checklist and Tools to help you get started with market research.


Competitor and Website Analysis

In this section, you will learn about how to perform a competitor and competitor's website analysis. What is Unique selling proposition, how to create and best Unique selling proposition examples. Top 10 Plus Tools to help you get started. Checklist to create the unique selling propositions

how to create a website

Website Design Mastery

In this section, you will learn about the Website, Content management System, importance of having a website for your business. How to build a website from scratch using one of the world's famous CMS platform WordPress. Increase the page speed and it's importance. Tools to help you get started to create a brand new website from scratch.

List Building through Email Marketing

Email Marketing Blueprint

In this section, you will learn about basics of email marketing, metrics, how to create list, different signup forms (opt-in & popup), integrating it to WordPress, tracking and reporting. building a landing page and integrate lead magnets, proven strategies to optimize email marketing. Tools to help you to completely automate email marketing.

Content Creation and Content Promotion

Content Marketing Model

In this section, you will learn about Content Consumption in India, Content Marketing, it's history, and It's Importance. Things you need to know before you start writing your content, strategies, mapping the content to buyer journey, some great content examples, measuring your effort, blogging tips and techniques, Template to write a quality headline and tools to help you optimize the content.

search engine optimization (SEO) introduction

SEO Growth Formula

In this section, you will learn about background of search engines and seo. Things you should do before you get started with optimizing your website for search engines, how to do laser keyword research, optimizing the website on-site, getting recommendations from outside the website in your industry, technical seo, setting up a google my business page for local seo, SEO tools and checklist. We will learn how to setup things at Google & Bing.

website reporting

Website Analytics Formula

In this section, you will learn about the in depth methodologies of tracking your digital marketing efforts thoroughly so as to get insights from the data and take up data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns. You will also learn how to setup goals in the backend and integration of the tool with the CMS along with you will also be learning how to install the analytics code to your website and tracking the pixels too.

Social Media Marketing Blueprint


Facebook Marketing

In this section, you will learn about advantages of creating facebook fan page, how to create fan page, things you can do through your fan page, building the community using facebook groups, time tested strategies to drive more fans for your fan page for free, facebook advertising basics, and more!.


LinkedIn Marketing

In this section, you will learn about fantastic facts about LinkedIn, LinkedIn basics, Things you can do in LinkedIn, Company Pages for your business, 10 amazing strategies to build followers for your company page, 50$ free coupon for LinkedIn Advertising, LinkedIn Checklist, Tools & helpful resources.


Twitter Marketing

In this section, you will learn about basics of Twitter account, Metrics to consider for your digital marketing success through Twitter, how to use twitter for your business, 16 most powerful techniques to drive more followers, Twitter Advertising for quick results, Checklist download, Tools and helpful resources.

Search Marketing Mastery

Google Ads Intensive

In this section you will learn about basics of SEM and it's Advantages, Different ad types, Setting up Ad Account, Keyword and Competitor Research, Ad Extensions, Creating Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping, and Video Ads in AdWords, Remarketing, Tracking Conversions, Measuring Campaign Success, and more!

Bing Advertising

Bing Ads Mastery

In this section you will learn about advantages Bing Ads, Creating a Bing Ads account, campaign types, setting a bing ads search campaign, creating an ad group & an ad, different bid strategies, conversion tracking and remarketing setup.


Passive Income ideas in India

Affiliate Marketing System

In this section you will learn about freelancing basics, top 15 freelancing platforms that will help you earn money online, blogging basics and how to monetize your blog to earn passive income, affiliate marketing basics & platforms to choose for affiliate marketing.


YouTube Video Marketing

In this section you will learn about basics of YouTube and advantages of video marketing, how to setup YouTube account, video content ideas, structuring the video, water mark and YouTube cards, community, creator studio, video marketing funnel and video marketing strategy, video promotion, YouTube analytics, tools and different softwares to create and edit high quality videos. Videos are the future of marketing online.

google business listing

Local Business Mastery

In this section you will learn about advantages of SEO for local businesses, Google My Business Page and it's importance, Setting up a Google My Business Page, a comprehensive guide on Google My Business Page, Checklist to download on Google My Business.