How to secure Digital Marketing Jobs in Bangalore immediately

Before we know how to get Digital marketing jobs in Bangalore, let us try to understand what makes you a Digital Marketer.

To be called as a Digital Marketer, you need to have some of the below mentioned skills. If you are a fresher it is mandatory to have a theoretical understanding of the following digital marketing channels.

  1. Basic level understanding of Market Research, Creating a Buyer Persona, Finding the target audience for the businesses.

  2. Finding the competitors in the niche and be able to do a proper website analysis.

  3. Basic level understanding of Website Designing – helps you in conversion code implementation.

  4. Search Engine Optimization – SEO helps you rank your website in different search engines.

  5. Search Engine Marketing – SEM helps you in getting brand visibility and conversion bit faster compare to SEO. You should have a grip over some of the most famous platforms such as Google AdWords or Bing Ads.

  6. Social Media Marketing – SMO or SMM helps you achieve your brand visibility and customer engagement made easy through different social media platforms.

    You should be able to manage different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ to mention a few.

  7. Email Marketing – If you know how to write an email, planning email marketing funnel etc. will help you acquire a positive ROI for your business or your client business.

If you know content marketing then it is an added advantage especially for experienced professionals. 

If you have at least few years of experience in handling different channels of digital marketing then it is easier to get digital marketing jobs in Bangalore.

Challenges that every Fresher face to get Jobs in Digital Marketing

Jobs in digital marketing for Freshers is really a tough one at an initial stage. But, once you have enough knowledge and results to showcase to the employers then they will hire you for sure.

When I had first stated my Digital Marketing Journey as a fresher back in 2014, in most of the interviews I had attended they used to ask me for certifications and little bit of experience in the domain.

I always see hundreds of new jobs on every 2 months.

Below is the screenshot for the digital marketing jobs in Bangalore for Freshers


You might be wondering? How to get experience without getting a job!

The beautiful part of Digital Marketing is that it gives you an opportunity to get experience before even you start your full time work.

I showed some of my paid campaigns to the employer that I had run for an Affiliate Network and got my first job!

Just to give you an idea that Digital Marketing provides a job opportunity in top MNCs like Cognizant.

Below is the screenshot for the job opening at Cognizant for Freshers and the workplace is Google.

Source: LinkedIn

Digital Marketing jobs in Bangalore for experienced Professionals

You know what? Experienced professionals also face challenges in the Digital Marketing domain due to some of below mentioned reasons.

  • Having expertise in only one skill
  • Lack of subject grip on the skill set they have
  • Focusing on only one skill for a very long period
  • Not getting updated with the trends and technologies in the industry

If you are an experienced professional trying to get Digital Marketing jobs in Bangalore in some of the Top MNCs like Cognizant, Accenture, and Amazon, it is better to have expertise in the above mentioned skills.

“The more skills you have better will be your pay scale.”

Especially companies like Cognizant, Accenture, and Amazon pay you high if you apply for experienced digital marketing job roles.

Below you can find an image which is about the job opening at Cognizant for Experienced Professional who is having Google Analytics experience.

Glassdoor research shows that Digital Marketing job at Cognizant for Experienced professional can go up to Rs 10, 00, 000 per annum with bonus and other facilities excluded.

Digital Marketing salary for Freshers

By now you have got to know what is the skill set one should develop to become a Digital Marketer. Now let us discuss on the salary part.

Let me be very honest with you that you will not get a high pay scale at an initial stage. Considering the fact that the market is fluctuating and the market rate depends on various parameters.

Digital marketing jobs in Bangalore Salary can go from Rs 1, 00,000 to Rs 1, 80, 000 per annum at an initial stage for Freshers. If you are able to get through the MNCs like Google or Yahoo! they would pay you around Rs 3, 00, 000 per annum.

Once you prove yourself in the company you work for, you will get paid very high. There was a time when I literally had 4 job offers at the same time before I joined Yahoo!

“There comes a time when employers start looking out to you instead of you seeking them if you follow your passion.  Mark my words!”

 Digital Marketing is a result oriented job. You should be able to generate results for the company, otherwise they won’t invest on you.

9 Action Steps on how to get Digital marketing jobs in Bangalore

The following points has helped me to get digital marketing jobs in Bangalore.

  1. Attitude – As a fresher or a professional you should be able to handle and face the challenges that the work space throws at you. This is the fundamental mindset that a fresher should have while seeking for the job.

  2. Education Background – Remember your education background is just like a business card, what you actually do in the work is ultimately decides who you are to your employer. I have seen many people with not so well educated background but do very good in their life.

  3. Skill Set – You need to develop the skills, skills are the only thing that the employers will see in you and hire you.

  4. Communication – Try to convey clearly what you wanted to tell during the interview. This makes life much easier for both the interviewer and interviewee. Improve your Communication, try to get feedback after the interview.

  5. Subject Grip – Generally, you will be in a position to answer almost all the scenario based questions if you have grip over the subject. Be prepared and go.

  6. Proven Track Record – If you show the employers the results you have generated for the projects you worked for. This builds the trust.

  7. Digital Marketing Certifications and Awards – Certifications helps you get more knowledge on the subject and at the same time which is helpful for the companies to make you understand the things on the process you work for.

  8. Opportunities – Try to recognize the opportunities you find along the way by enhancing your digital marketing knowledge and experience.

  9. Calculated Risks – Never hesitate to take calculated risks. Check the pros and cons before taking any action on serious decision like running a new campaign, driving traffic with a new SEO strategy etc. 


Based on my personal experience, I have pointed out these suggestions for you. It is up to you to follow them and add more points to it so as to land on to your Dream Job in the Digital Marketing Space.

 If you like this blog post please do comment below. Let me know your thoughts.

P.S: I always believe in a fact that, no one knows everything and everyone knows something. Let’s create a better world with our very little knowledge. 

Add anything in the below comment section if I am missing anything that could help Freshers and professionals to get their Digital Marketing jobs in Bangalore. 🙂

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Digital Marketing Jobs FAQs

Yes. You can get a digital marketing job. If you are a certified professional, it adds up to your digital marketing resume. Digital Marketing Skill comes with experential wisdom. Being worked for Startups, Agencies, and Top Multinational Companies like Yahoo! and Microsoft, they all look for your expertise which comes with practice and practice alone. 


What is the starting salary after Digital Marketing Career Launch Blueprint Course from Digital Prajna? The average salary for a Digital Marketing fresher is about Rs 3.0 Lacs to 4.0 Lacs per annum. You salary in digital marketing on various other factors like your expertise, previous or internship experience, organization, and city of work.

Getting your first job not only in Digital Marketing is bit competitive. Top 10 tips you can utilize to get started with your first digital marketing job.
  1. Get certified in the domain.
  2. Enroll and clear some internationally recognized certification programs like Google Ads and HubSpot.
  3. Get digital marketing internship experience.
  4. Practice what you have learnt using T-shaped and Deep learning taught in Career Launch Blueprint program from Digital Prajna.
  5. Take up some freelance projects initially for free. Start your own blog.
  6. Optimize your professional social network site like Linkedin.
  7. Apply for the jobs proactively.
  8. Start increasing your network throught multiple professional platforms.
Australia is one of the best places to work for in Digital Marketing domain. They have very less talent when compared to other regions of the world. You can become an expert in digital marketing from Career Launch Blueprint or Mastermind programs to apply for job roles in Australi for digital marketing roles.
Top 4 countries you can apply for digital marketing roles.
  1. USA – United States of America.
  2. United Kingdom.
  3. Australia.
  4. Germany.
These top countries will pay high for digital marketers.