Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital Marketing Jobs: How to Get Experience Without Working?

Is it true that Digital Marketing Jobs require experience without experience?



Most of the Freshers ask this question not only in Digital Marketing


Students from all other education streams too!

Sounds funny right?

Yes – Because companies require graduates and Freshers to be well aware of the business objective and basic stuff of how the internet marketing process works.

If not completely at least the knowledge of the different platforms is enough to train Freshers on digital marketing job roles on a later stage.

Companies don’t look for professional experience, but an experience in the field of interest you would like to work for.

This is where most of the digital marketing students or digital marketing graduates get confused.

– Because you can’t have professional experience unless you have been given a chance to work on the project or as a digital marketing intern.

But, you can have digital marketing experience without experience!

This is where it gets tricky.

By the end of this blog post, you shall be given few important ideas that you could pick and implement them to see results for yourself.

You are going to know how to get online marketing experience without having to work for any companies. 🙂

Let’s get started.

What is Digital Marketing?

First things first.

We need to first get to know what is digital marketing and how does it work before we jump into working mode on the domain.

To keep it simple silly, Digital Marketing is a way of promoting the products or services of any business to reach out to your ideal customers who are using electronic devices be it Smart Phones, Laptops, Desktops, Television, so on and so forth.

So there are many ways to market products or services of any business online. Some of the core channels available are:

1. Search Engine Optimization – Here you’ll get found by your ideal customers who are looking out for required information on product or services using Search Engines.

Traffic you would get through this approach is absolutely FREE.

2. Search Engine Marketing – You will pay the amount for the click on Advert ( Example: Banner Image on Blog Post) for the platform (Google Ads or Bing Ads) you host your Ad on.


It could be showing business ads so people could click on it and come to your website through search engines.

These platforms works on auction basis, where you would compete with multiple advertisers for the position using Keyword Bid ($$$) and Quality Score (Relevancy).

You need to pay for the TRAFFIC here.

ONLINE TRAFFIC I mean Website traffic 😉

People who visit your digital assets. Need not be website always!

Social Media Marketing
– Using multiple or single platform of social channel you bring in traffic to your digital assets.

Again, need not be traffic only.

It could be awareness or shout out on social platforms for better visibility.

Some of the Social Media Channels are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.



You might have come for this blog post from one of the above platform as I had promoted it over there.


4. Email Marketing
– You can make use of this channel for nurturing the ideal customers.


5. Video Marketing –
Videos are powerful and it is booming now.

You communicate your message to your audience through videos where you host them on different platform.

A lot of audience visit video hosting platform to consume the content online.

One of the most famous Video Search Engine is YouTube.


6. Analytics –
All your efforts should be measured through one of the web or social analytics platform.

You could improve your effort and optimize it for better goal oriented results.

7. Digital Assets
– You need a platform where you could bring in your ideal customers to hang out to consume the valuable content you share.

This could be Social Media Groups, Social Media Pages, Websites, Your Blog, so on and so forth.

Now you have understood what Digital Marketing is, we shall try to understand why you need only Digital Marketing when all other domains are available to choose your career path.


Why only Digital Marketing not others?

Because it is BOOMING!

Everyone talks about Digital Marketing all around the world.

Don’t believe my WORDS?

Here is the trend of Digital Marketing from last 15+ years…

Let me take a few minutes of your time to explain some of the core reasons for rapid increase in digital marketing spends by the companies for the their business growth:

  • Cost effective – Compared to traditional approach, digital marketing is highly cost-effective. People could get a better ROI when it comes to marketing product or services online.

    Business need to invest more money in printing the promotional materials and break their heads to spread them as it is a tedious task.

    Here it happens in few clicks.

  • Laser Targeting – You could literally pin point and show this is where I need to invest my money to reach out to my ideal target customers online.

    This laser sharpness of targeting in online space has given businesses an opportunity to invest billions of dollars.

    Businesses never know whether promotional materials are reaching out to the right audience or not especially the hoardings even though they were posted based on the quantitative and qualitative analysis of target market research.

  • Re-targeting – This is a boon to businesses, this would literally avoid extra money invested in advertising materials to promote their product or services.

    Typically this would cost an extra amount in traditional marketing methodologies.

    You could target the audience again and again with multiple messages and different angles to make him a better choice to purchase your product online or choose your services.

  • Time Bound – Businesses can pause, start, and re-start their digital marketing campaigns online and can even schedule whenever they want to run the digital ads.

These are only few to mention and there are lots to it.

This is just to give you an idea how businesses can make use of online space and in turn would help them setup a online marketing team.

More businesses come to online space, higher the chances of job openings.

In fact, study shows that there could be up to 20 Lakh Job openings open in next 3-5 years.


Where to Find Suitable Digital Marketing Jobs?

Below are some of the most famous Job Portals you could start searching your digital marketing job.

NAUKRI – India’s Top Job Portal

Naukri website has more than 20 thousand recruiters trying to find the suitable digital marketing profiles.

Naukri Digital Marketing Total Jobs has more than 2 Lakh job openings in the digital marketing domain.

There are more than 3,500 digital marketing jobs available for Digital Marketing Freshers (No Experience Required).


LINKEDIN – A Professional Social Networking Platform

LinkedIn is one the professional social networking platform with over 600 million users over 200 countries.

If you are a fresher or an experienced digital marketing professional, you can find the suitable online marketing jobs here.

There are more than 27 thousand job openings in digital marketing in LinkedIn worldwide. has more than 83 Thousand job openings in the digital marketing domain.

Digital Prajna has a structured program the “Career Launch Blueprint” that would help you discover your core passion and to find the best suitable jobs in digital marketing domain.


Digital marketing skills to develop to get a job

students acquiring digital marketing skills to land first job

Here are the top skills one need to develop to land his first job.

We would suggest you to develop these digital marketing skills as early as possible to reap the maximum benefits.

  1. Data Analysis – Digital Marketing is at the core analysis of the data. If you master this one skill, the rest of the things can be picked up easily.

    Your ability to draw conclusion on the raw data and convert them into useful insights decides your analytical skills.

    Tool to master: Google Analytics.


  2. Social Media Marketing – As more and more people are coming up online and especially social media platforms, its highly advisable to learn the tactics through which one can target the right audience to promote the business.

    Tools to master: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp (Part of Facebook), LinkedIn, and Twitter


  3. Customer Engagement and Brand Advocacy – Learn to develop the email marketing skills that would help you with managing the customers and converting them into promoters through effective email marketing strategies.

    Tools to master: Drip, ConvertKit, Aweber, MailChimp.


  4. Traffic and Lead Generation – Driving traffic to the digital assets through Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing and converting them into paying customers is given utmost priority in digital marketing skills.

    As these two skills help you build a rock solid business with less or zero investment.

    Tools to master: Google Ads, Bing Ads, Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, WordPress SEO Plugins


  5. Content Marketing – Digital eco-system is all about content. You see content everywhere in different forms. Learn to acquire content creation skills and marketing them through multiple online marketing channels available.

    No tools can help you when it comes to content marketing except your writing skill.

    This would take quite a bit of time as it demands your creative powers.

    But, it is all worth it in the end.

  6. Persuasion and Copywriting Skills – Learning to make users take action after the content consumption or achieving your goals through the content is all about persuasion and copywriting tactics.

    These skills can be used to persuade people to make a purchase or to get information you require.

Digital Marketing Mastermind is our level 2 program which has 18 courses.

This course bundle would help one to master all of the above mentioned digital marketing skills.


Best Digital Marketing Entry Level Jobs

Below are the statistics of entry level digital marketing jobs from Naukri, Linkedin, Indeed, and

Naukri Job Portal Entry Level Total Jobs for Job Seekers – 13,000+ job openings for entry level digital marketers.

LinkedIn Network Entry Level Total Jobs for Freshers – More than 300+ Internships available & around 10,000+ jobs for associates and entry level combined.

Indeed Job Portal Entry Level Total Jobs for Graduates – 6000+ job opportunities for fresher digital marketers.

Monster Job Portal Entry Total Jobs for Digital Marketing Job Seekers – 600+ job openings for Digital Marketing Freshers.


Top MNC Companies with Digital Marketing Jobs

top mncs google yahoo cognizant digital marketing jobs

Jobs in Digital Marketing is not only restricted to Startups, Agencies, and SMBs but also MNCs.

Below are some of the top MNCs that provide an opportunity for a digital marketers to work on projects.

Some of the MNCs hire the digital marketing professionals directly and some MNCs through other payrolls.

  1. Google
  2. Microsoft
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Twitter
  5. Facebook
  6. Yahoo!
  7. Amazon
  8. eBay
  9. Myntra
  10. Snapdeal
  11. Accenture
  12. Infosys
  13. Cognizant

Digital Marketing Salary Range – Role Wise

Below is the average digital marketing salary across metros in India from different roles picked up from multiple job portals combined.

Digital Marketing/SEO/PPC/Social Media Fresher with 0-1 years experience can earn around Rs. 2,50,000 – Rs. 4,00,000/annum.

Digital Marketing/SEO/PPC/Social Media Specialist with 1-4 years experience can avail income of Rs. 4,00,000 – Rs. 6,00,000/year.

Digital Marketing/SEO/PPC/Social Media Team Lead with 4-6 years experience can get around Rs. 6,00,000 – Rs. 8,00,000/annum.

Digital Marketing/SEO/PPC/Social Media Manager with 6-8 years experience be able to earn Rs. 8,00,000 – Rs. 10,00,000/ year.

Digital Marketing Manager with 8-10 years experience can get Rs. 10,00,000 – Rs. 12,00,000/yr. 

Digital Marketing Manager with Marketing Background with 10-12 years experience can earn up to Rs. 19,00,000/year.

Digital Marketing Manager Non-Marketing Background with 10-12 years experience can earn up to Rs. 15,00,000/annum.

Head of Marketing online/offline Marketing Background with an average 10-12 years experience earns Rs. 35,00,000 – Rs. 50,00,000/ year.

This is an average salaries. Your Salary depends on how well you perform in the job role and the skill set.


Possibilities of Work in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing provides various working modes. Some of them are mentioned below.

Remote Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital Marketing is probably the most feasible domain for remote work. Especially in times of environmental calamities you can easily process your digital marketing efforts without or least hassle.

Glassdoor lists more than 100+ remote digital marketing jobs.

Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs

The greatest advantage of acquiring Digital Marketing Skills is to enter into Freelancing opportunity.

More than 1,00,000+ digital marketing freelance jobs available in guru, upwork and freelancer websites combined.

Part Time Digital Marketing Jobs

You can work as a part time jobs in Digital Marketing to earn a full-time income. Yes! You heard it right. There are a few companies who want to hire people based on hourly rate which fetch them a full-time income.

Do check out part time digital marketing jobs on Google for more such jobs.   

Work From Home Digital Marketing Jobs

The greatest of all advantage is working from home. The amount of effectiveness it brings about to the organization is immeasurable.

If you are a person who find joy in working from home. Digital Marketing provides that too.

There are companies like Google, Yahoo!, and most of the MNCs and some agnecies provides this opportunity for an employee to work from home at certain cases.

My Journey in Digital Marketing

I was drawn to Digital Marketing from my early graduation days of Engineering.

Started from scratch to working for Digital Marketing Startup, Digital Marketing Agency, and a MNCs like Yahoo! and Microsoft to run my own startup Leadometrics Internet Marketing Services.

I would say it all depends on how much effort you put in and how well you grasp the concepts and skill set you have to master the game of traffic, lead generation, and sales in online space.

Do check out Digital Prajna story for more information on my own journey.

5 Ways to Have Experience Without Experience!

Having started from scratch in Digital Marketing with no education background in Marketing domain.

Below are the 5 ways in which you can get a Digital Marketing Experience without having a professional experience. 🙂

  1. Digital Marketing Intern – Try to seek for internship opportunities to get some experience in Digital Marketing. Work on other projects to get some hands-on experience in Digital Marketing.


  2. Create Your Own Digital Asset – Digital Assets like Website, Social Media Groups, and Social Media Pages are of great help in building your own tribe while pursuing a job in digital marketing.

    You can show your digital marketing efforts to increase the chances of landing your first job.

  3. Blogging – Take up blogging as a hobby and start working on improving your blogging skills.

    This will help you learn traffic generation, lead generation and if implemented properly could potentially help you earn passive income too.

  4. Tribe Building – Building your own set of audience through multiple social media platforms help you earn authoritative identity in your chosen niche and in turn help you earn passive income too.


  5. YouTube – If you are fond of creating videos then this is the way to go.

    If you are selfie addicted kind of a person try channelizing the same amount of time and effort in creating small valuable videos.

    Start sharing it in multiple social media groups to build your subscribers to the YouTube channel.

    Once you hit 1000 subscribers you can start earning a passive income through Google AdSense.

Digital marketing channels might change over a period of time but not the Email Marketing. Start building your own list of audience in your own field of expertise to monetize them forever. Email Marketing is one such powerful marketing skill to master.


How to Land Your first Digital Marketing Job?

To land your first digital marketing job, all it takes is your:

  1. Education Background
  2. Choosing the Right Role to Start and Grow Your Career
  3. Sincere Efforts to Acquire Necessary Skills
  4. Keeping Your Learning Mindset Alive all the time.


Digital Marketing Mastermind


We have designed a Program called “Career Launch Blueprint” to help students, graduates, job seekers, and freshers to guide them get their first digital marketing job.

It is a combination of 2 programs.

Self-Mastery Program
– It helps you set a right mindset to get your first job.

Career Launch Blueprint Program
– It helps you to acquire necessary job skills and interview tips, and communication skill guidance.

Do check out digital marketing job skill program for more information.

Commonly Asked Digital Marketing Jobs Questions

As digital marketing is booming in the world from last 15+ years, it comes up with great career opportunities for students, job seekers, freshers, graduates, and anyone who want to utilize the opportunities.

The essence of a Digital Marketer role is to handle digital marketing campaigns that helps accomplish business goals through multi-channel digital marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing has many career options such as Freelancing and running an agency or as a professional depends on what role you would like to pick and choose. Each roles comes with different income.

Job is stressful only when you pick it up based on the trends blindly without following your own heart. We suggest you to pick the jobs which are close to your heart in other words follow your passion. That’s what we teach you in our Career Launch Blueprint Program.

Yes! It is a good career option for anyone who would like to pursue digital marketing as their career. Especially in this period.

Digital Marketing has a great future as it is booming and it is the right time to enter the market.

To get digital marketing with no experience, you need to first create your own digital platform and start playing with tools and apply the tactics learnt in Digital Marketing Mastermind Program.

Yes! Getting the first job or any job in Digital Marketing is easy if you have the Right Skills, Passion to Pursue the Chosen Field of Expertise, and Demand. We have taught everything that one needs to know to crack the digital marketing interview in our Career Launch Blueprint program.

Yes! The only thing you need to know is how to surf online and use social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

The strategies and howtos can be learnt from our Digital Marketing Mastermind program.

Digital Marketing provides many job opportunities some of them include seo jobs, sem jobs, ppc jobs, social media jobs, google analytics jobs, and many more.

You can start your digital marketing career as a full-time professional by picking up the right niche based on your core passion and natural interest.

You will start earning a decent amount of salary and then you can improve from there.

Of course. You might have observed the number of job openings available in digital marketing is humongous worldwide.

Basically one needs to have a bit of analytics skills, bit of creativity, and a lot of patience to become a good digital marketer.

As a full-time digital marketer you will be working somewhere around 8-9 hours in India, 6-7 hours abroad.

Again it depends on lot of other factors too.

Yes! You can learn Digital Marketing on your own, we have covered some of the topics related to this question in our Career Builder Program. Enroll for more information.

It is good to have a degree to learn Digital Marketing but it is great if you have the mindset of acquiring digital marketing skills even without a degree.

We have covered how our mindset forms the reality in our Self-Mastery program. Do check out digital marketing online courses section for more information.