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What is it?

Digital Marketing Mastermind is a 90-Days implementation program which helps students, professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs to acquire complete digital marketing skills. It shows you how to create a website and use different channels of promotion for traffic, leads, and sales generation.

Who is it for?

Digital Marketing Mastermind is for anybody who wants to start their digital marketing career to become a full-time professional or the one who is already been in the domain and would like to enhance their digital marketing skills by acquiring multiple skills and know multiple strategies of business promotion online.

Where does it happen?

Digital Marketing Mastermind program can be accessed online by the students based on his convenient time and place. You’ll get lifetime access of the course online.

How does it work?

This is a result-driven activity based program where you would need to be taking the actions as suggested in each module after watching the videos. You can ask your doubts at module specific video lessons. Download the module specific course materials. Practice what has been taught and get results.

When does it start?

As soon as you enroll in the course, you shall be given an access to the course. You can take your own time to complete the courses. Following the action plan would help you complete all the 18 courses it in 90 days or less.

Why does it exist?

Digital Marketing Mastermind is a skill development program where it guides students to increase their salary, motivates them to pursue their side hustle and helps them give complete picture of digital marketing and best ways to utilize multiple channels of marketing online.

How does this help?

Digital Marketing Mastermind helps beginner to experience different facets of marketing online, for the professionals increase their salary by including new skill set in their profile, for a freelancer it helps him increase their fees, and for an entrepreneur they would know the ways & opportunities to promote their business online for a better ROI.

How you’ll get benefited?

Student finishing the program would well equipped with advanced digital marketing skills that would help them apply the tactics and tricks to any project they choose to work with.

What’s the next action step?

Digital Marketing Mastermind program is designed in a logical sequence to help them grow stage by stage with a 90-Days action plan. Once a person decides to pursue their side hustle or Entrepreneurial journey we shall allow him to go to the next level as it helps him to become one. Goal is to make him self-reliable and self-sufficient.

How do we do it in style!

Digital Prajñā is a platform to build and grow your career in Digital Marketing be it
becoming a full-time professional, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur. 

Individual Transformation

We teach you ancient to modern methodologies to reprogram your mental thought patterns.

These are Scientific based practical techniques that could potentially change the old you to the new you.

You would be having 100% grip over your own life by dictating your thoughts, words, and actions consciously by being in align with the goals that you have set for.

Career Guidance

Discover your core passion by the time-tested methodologies and cross verify if the domain suits for you or not.

Know your weak points and strong points when it comes to developing the necessary skills to thrive in digital eco-system through skill gap analysis process.

You shall acquire the potential job skills to find the suitable jobs for your career and be guided to enhance your communication skills.

Skill Development

If you decide to pursue your career in Digital Marketing, you would start developing the required skills to thrive in the Digital Eco System to become a full-time Digital Marketing professional using this Digital Marketing Mastermind online course bundle.

You would start applying the methods in real-time as it is an activity based program by following the action plan diligently.

Self-reliable Powerful Individual

You are a person who don’t want your life to be in others control but yourself, you take this giant leap from being professional to a Powerful Individual.

Fortunately, we all have innate powers within us. Unless we are guided by someone who has already tread the path its bit difficult to crack it. We will help you do that.

Digital Marketing Mastermind Program Content

Digital Marketing Mastermind program from Digital Prajñā has 18 (Plus 4 Courses from Self-mastery Program) courses which focuses on acquiring end to end digital marketing skills along with life skills that can be utilized to accomplish their objectives like increasing the salary, promoting business online using various channels and more!

Course 1 – Marketing Introduction:

  • Things you need to know about Digital marketing in India.
  • What Is Digital Marketing And How Does It Work?
  • Inbound and Outbound Marketing.
  • Digital Marketing Opportunities for Students, Freshers, and Professionals.
  • Digital Marketing for Startups and SMBs

Course 2 – Marketing Foundation 101:

  • Objective and Target Audience.
  • Buyer Persona and Negative Persona.
  • Resources and Tools.

Course 3 – Competitor and Website Analysis:

  • Competitor and Website Analysis.
  • Unique Selling Propositions.
  • Tools for Competitor Analysis.
  • Tool for Website Analysis.

Course 4 – Market Research:

  • Basics of Market Research.
  • Market Research Tools.
  • Buyer’s Journey.

Course 5 – Website Design Mastery:

  • What is Website and Why do you need one for your business?
  • Importance of a Mobile Friendly and Responsive Website.
  • Website Planning and Structuring.
  • Choosing a best domain name for your business.
  • How to buy domain name and hosting.
  • Content Management System and WordPress.
  • Installing a WordPress.
  • WordPress Interface Walk-through.
  • Designing a Logo.
  • Website Navigation.
  • Sidebar for Pages and Posts.
  • Installing the WordPress Theme and Setting up a Website.
  • How to Setup a Blog.
  • Updating the Blog Posts with Different Type of Content.
  • Logo, Favicon, Website Title, and Website Tagline.
  • How to update the footer.
  • Protecting your blog from spammers.
  • Step by Step Procedure to create a Lead Magnet.
  • Tools to create a lead magnet.
  • Page Privacy Settings (Privacy and Public).
  • Convert Home Page into Landing Page (One Goal – Business Goal).
  • Become a Blogging Expert with this Technique (Start Here Page Examples and Implementation).
  • Updating the Webpages of a website.
  • Plugin Integrations.
  • Tracking Setup and Integration.
  • Commenting System Setup and Integration
  • Email Marketing Setup and Integration.
  • Social Share Setup and Integration.
  • Turn your Website into a Search Engine Friendly one.
  • Website Speed and It’s Importance on Ranking Your Website.
  • Speeding up your website and make it to load faster.
  • How to backup your website automatically and regularly.
  • Safeguard your Website from Hackers.

Course 6 – Email Marketing Blueprint:

  • Email Marketing Basics.
  • Email Marketing Metrics.
  • Platforms to choose for Email Marketing.
  • How to Create Lists.
  • Creating a Singup form and Integrating it on your WordPress Website.
  • Thank You Page Setup & Tracking Signups in Analytics.
  • Anatomy of a landing page, Point to remember to create a Landing Page, and Examples of high converting landing pages.
  • Landing Page Builder Tools.
  • How to Integrate Lead Magnet to your WordPress and to Landing Page.
  • How to Write a catchy Email Headlines that convert.
  • 10 Proven Strategies to optimize your Email Marketing Campaigns.
  • How to generate the report and analyze.
  • Email Marketing Certification Course.
  • Email Marketing Resources and Tools.

Course 7 – Content Marketing Model:

  • Content Consumption Stats.
  • Content Marketing, history of content marketing and different ways to produce a content.
  • Importance of Content Marketing in Online World.
  • Before Creating the Content.
  • Back to Basics (Sales Funnel).
  • Content Promotion Strategy.
  • Mapping Content based on Customer Journey.
  • Examples of Great Content Piece.
  • Measuring your effort.
  • Blogging Basics.
  • What Everybody Ought to Know About Writing.
  • Great Headlines [Template Download].
  • Copywriting Tools.

Course 8 – SEO Growth Formula:

  • Search Engine – Introduction.
  • How Search Engine Works?.
  • Search Engine Optimization, Types of SEO, and Metrics to measure SEO Success.
  • Webmaster Guildelines.
  • First things first: Things you need to do before you getting started with SEO.
  • Google Search Console.
  • Bing Webmaster Tool Setup.
  • Google Analytics Setup.
  • Integrating Google Search Console to Google Analytics for better optimization.
  • Installing Yoast SEO Plugin for your WordPress website.
  • Keyword Types and their role in ranking your website.
  • How to find the Commercial Intent of the Keyword.
  • Keyword Research Process: A step by step guide.
  • How to Optimize the Webpages of your Website [On-site SEO].
  • Optimize the Content for Users and not only for Search Engines [Content Optimization].
  • Getting Recommendations from others for your website [Off-Page Optimization].
  • How to Implement Technical Stuff for Search Engine Optimization [Technical SEO].
  • SEO Checklist.
  • SEO Tools.


Course 9 – Facebook Marketing and Advertising:

  • Social Media Marketing Introduction.
  • Facebook Introduction and Important Facebook Metrics.
  • Step by Step Procedure to Create a Facebook Fan Page.
  • Things you can do through Facebook Fan Page.
  • Building the community for your Audience through Facebook Groups.
  • 15 Time tested strategies to get a better organic reach for your Facebook Page [Organic Promotion].
  • How to get very quick results by promoting your Facebook Page [Paid Advertising].
  • Drive more visitors for your Local Business Shops.
  • Checklist Download.
  • Tools and Resources to help you get started with Facebook Marketing.



Course 10 – LinkedIn Marketing and Advertising: 

  • LinkedIn Basics.
  • Things you can do through LinkedIn.
  • How to use Company Page for your Business.
  • 10 Kickass Strategies to get LinkedIn followers for your Company Page [Organic Promotion].
  • How to get 50$ coupon for absolutely FREE.
  • LinkedIn Advertising and Different Ad Types.
  • Checklist Download.
  • Tools and helpful resources on LinkedIn Marketing.



Course 11 – Twitter Marketing and Advertising: 

  • Getting Started with Twitter Account.
  • Important Twitter Metrics.
  • Things you can do with Twitter account.
  • 16 powerful techniques to increase the Twitter followers [Organic Promotion].
  • How to get very quick results from Twitter Advertising Campaigns [Twitter Advertising].
  • Checklist Download.
  • Tools and helpful resources on Twitter Marketing.

Course 12 – Search Engine Marketing – Google Ads: 

  • Search Engine Marketing – Basics.
  • 12 Core Advantages of using SEM for your Business.
  • SEM Platforms.
  • How Google AdWords works & AdWords Auctions.
  • Google AdWords – Ad Types.
  • Setting up a Google AdWords Account.
  • Understanding the Google AdWords Interface.
  • Google AdWords Campaign Structure.
  • SEM Competitor Research.
  • Landing Page Creation and Optimization.
  • Ad Extensions and their benefits.
  • Finding the profitable keywords.
  • Google AdWords – Search Campaign.
  • Google AdWords – Display Campaign.
  • Google AdWords – Universal App Install Campaign.
  • Google AdWords – Shopping Campaign.
  • How to create and implement Website Remarketing List in AdWords.
  • Setting up a Conversion Tracking [Advanced].
  • How to measure your campaign success.
  • 10 Proven methods to optimize your Google AdWords Search Campaigns.
  • Link AdWords and Analytics for improving the campaign performance.
  • Google AdWords Editor.
  • SEM Optimization Checklist – Download.
Course 13 – Search Engine Marketing – Bing Ads: 
  • 6 Advantages of using Bing Ads.
  • Creating a Bing Ads Account.
  • Billing and Payment Method.
  • Bing Ads Campaign Types.
  • How to Setup Bing Ads Search Campaign.
  • Creating an Ad Group.
  • Creating an Ad.
  • Ad Extensions.
  • Bid Strategies.
  • Creating a Remarketing List in Bing Ads.
  • Setting up a Bing Ads Conversion Tracking.

Course 14 – Website Analytics Formula:

  • Web Analytics Basics.
  • .Google Analytics Basics.
  • How to Setup a Google Analytics Account.
  • Understanding the Google Analytics Interface.
  • Setting up a Goal in Google Analytics account.
  • How to Use IP Filtering to Block the Internal Traffic.
  • Know your Audience and their behavior on your website.
  • Analyzing different Web Pages Performance.
  • Multi-Channel Funnels in Google Analytics.
  • Create Alerts to know the website performance directly to your Inbox.
  • Adding annotations to know which marketing effort has driven more traffic to your website.
  • 12 Key Metrics to measure in Google Analytics.
  • Google Analytics Custom Dashboards.
  • These 5 Google Analytics Pro Tips will help you get high level data Insights in less than 11 minutes.
  • Web Analytics Tools.
  • Google Analytics Checklist.
  • Attribution Models in Google Analytics.

Course 15 – Video Marketing Model:

  • YouTube Basics and Advantages of Video Marketing.
  • Setting up a YouTube Account.
  • Video Content Ideas.
  • Structuring your Videos.
  • YouTube Video Water Mark.
  • Uploading Videos to YouTube and Livestreaming
  • YouTube Cards.
  • YouTube Community.
  • YouTube Creator Studio.
  • YouTube Video Marketing Funnel and Strategy.
  • YouTube Advertising.
  • Top 10 YouTube Metrics to measure the Success.
  • Tools and Resources to get started with YouTube Marketing.

Course 16 – Affiliate Marketing System:

  • Freelancing Basics.
  • Top 15 Freelancing Platforms.
  • Blogging and Monetizing your Blog.
  • Affiliate Marketing Basics.
  • Affiliate Marketing Platforms.

Course 17 – Local Business Mastery:

  • SEO for Local Businesses and Advantages.
  • Google My Business Page and Importance of setting up a GMB Page.
  • Setting up a Google My Business Page.
  • Comprehensive Guide on GMB Page.
  • Google My Business Page Checklist Download.

Course 18 – Your First Job Formula:

  • Mastering Yourself.
  • Education System.
  • Skills.
  • Experience.
  • Outside of Education.
  • Proofs.
  • After Job.
  • Profile Optimization.
  • Your First Job in 45 Days!
  • Personal Experiences.
  • Research and Network.
  • Growth Hack Techniques.
  • Resume Samples.
  • Interview Questions.
  • Mindset Preparation.

Learn, Earn, Become Expert & Grow Beyond!

Get access to the courses at anytime, anywhere, and through any device (Laptop, Desktop, or Mobile). 
All Digital Marketing Mastermind courses include materials, notes, tool, checklists, templates, and resources at the relevant lessons.

digital marketing online course bundle

Easy Online Learning

Our Learning Management System helps you access the courses at one place and you can go through them at any time you want, any number of times you would like to access, and ask the questions at the required modules.

Resources files are either attached or given source information for more learnings.

Valuable Resources

You will be given a digital marketing mastermind bundle of access to all the resource files such as Checklists, Templates, QnAs, and other resource files which could help you both in personal and professional life.

These resource files would help you keep a track of progress you make through every step you take. 

digital marketing downloadable resources
people with question gadgets

Have Questions?

Level 3 and 4 courses include monthly QnA sessions, and doubt clearing sessions.

Along with Expert Interviews will be available based on experts availability.

One-to-One Coaching

Subject matter Experts will be available to assist you with a one-to-one career guidance and a training program after analyzing your profile thoroughly and your intensity of the desire to grow in your career by taking 100% responsibility. (We limit this to 5 people per batch with intense focus and learnings). This will be on demand. Coaching will happen online. Interested students can email [email protected]

online education one on one session

Here's a gist of the complete package

Digital Marketing Mastermind online program is for the courageous action takers who apply the core principles in their work and life...

Digital Marketing Mastermind

Digital Marketing Mastermind


Digital Marketing Mastermind FAQs

There are many areas in Digital Marketing. All you need to know is to discover your core passion through your natural interests. By doing so, you shall be able to choose a
suitable stream in Digital Marketing. Then you can start acquiring the necessary skills to build your career from it.

Digital Marketing has the following core areas to focus on:
  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimizaiton.
  2. SEM – Search Engine Marketing
  3. SMM – Social Media Marketing
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Video Marketing
  6. Affiliate Marketing
  7. Copywriting
  8. Digital Sales
  9. Digital Analytics

I hope you are asking about how to start learning digital marketing, if that is the question then below is the answer to it. Start with some digital marketing blogs to have the
basic understanding of it. Increase your awareness on digital marketing by enrolling in some online courses. Get trained personally by an expert who has worked on the domain
for quite a bit of time. Put your knowledge into practice.

You can become a digital marketing specialist or become expert at it only through the actions you take on the things you consume online be it through blog posts, courses,
training, or videos you watch on youtube.

Profit comes from Digital Marketing varies depends on the amount of time, energy, attention, and effort it requires you to put in. Below are some of the valuable career opportunities it brings about:
  1. Become a full-time digital marketing professional to earn a decent salary.
  2. Earn money as a freelance digital marketer.
  3. Upskill yourself in digital marketing to earn passive income through affiliate marketing.
  4. Become a Digital Marketing Consultant or Coach.
  5. Start your own digital marketing agency.
All depends on the digital marketing skills you have and the ability to put them into action.