Digital Marketing Course Syllabus 2019

Digital Marketing Syllabus: Digital Marketing Mastermind Course [PDF]

Digital Marketing Syllabus of our Advanced Digital Marketing Management Courses with 30+ Modules will give you complete picture on what job skills, mind set skills, digital marketing skills, and digital marketing project management & automation skills you can acquire at the end of the courses.

In other words, our online digital marketing coaching program includes 3 main courses which will cover the entire digital marketing concepts with advanced topics which have been shown in the below digital marketing syllabus.

Introduction of the Digital Marketing Mastermind Program; Creating initial Digital Marketing Plan; SWOT Analysis; Target Group Analysis; Content management; Optimization of Web Sites; MS Excel for PPC Campaign Optimization; SEO Optimization; CRM platform; Google Analytics; Social Media Marketing; Budgeting. 

Digital Marketing Mastermind Intensive Program help you develop skills such as: SWOT Analysis, Finding Target Audience, Content Creation and Promotion, Website Design and Optimization, Persuation Tactics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), CRM Platforms, Email Marketing, Website/Data/Google Analytics, Social Media Marketing & Optimization, Budgeting and Market and Competitor Analysis. 

Top 10 Trending Digital Marketing Skills you develop in our digital marketing mastermind course curriculum – 2020

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization.
  2. SEM – Search Engine Marketing.
  3. Social Media Marketing/Optimization.
  4. Email Marketing.
  5. Website Designing and Development.
  6. Product Marketing.
  7. Content Marketing. 
  8. Data and Website Analytics.
  9. Market Research and Competitor Analysis. 
and More!

Digital Marketing Online Course Syllabus

This is to acquire Job Skills and Mindset Skills that will help you achieve your professional goals.

This has 6 digital marketing online courses which helps you find your job within 12-weeks.
Digital Marketing Mastermind program has designed to help you acquire full-stack digital marketing skills with tools & tactics.

You become a Full-Stack Digital Marketing Professional at this level of the online marketing course.
Digital Marketing Growth Hack Program is to help one to go beyond their professional journey. If you want to develop project management and marketing automation skills. This is for you!

This covers a total of 27 internet marketing courses that shape up your career.

Digital Marketing Modules - 2020

  1. Digital Marketing Foundation.
  2. Competitor and Website Analysis.
  3. Market Research & Niche Potential.
  4. Website Design using WordPress CMS.
  5. Email Marketing.
  6. Content Creation and Promotion.
  7. Search Engine Optimization.
  8. Social Media Marketing, Optimization & Advertising.
  9. PPC Google Ads Campaign Management, Optimization, and Reporting.
  10. Bing Advertising.
  11. Mobile Marketing (SMS Marketing).
  12. GEO Marketing.
  13. YouTube Video Marketing & Advertising.
  14. Website Data Analytics.
  15. Affiliate Marketing.
  16. Blogging.
  17. Freelancing.
  18. Google AdSense.
  19. Digital Marketing Plan & Budget Forecast.
  20. Digital Marketing for MULTIPLE Business TYPES.
  21. Product Marketing (Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook).
  22. Neuro Marketing Fundamentals.
  23. Paid Ads Optimization Strategies.
  24. Online Reputation Management.
  25. Digital Marketing Automation.
  26. FREEMIUM AND PREMIUM Digital Marketing Tools.
  27. Case Studies.
  28. Internationally Recognized Certification Guidance (Google, Microsoft Bing, and HubSpot).
  29. Working on Real-Time Projects (Internship Opportunities for eligible Students).
  30. Career Counselling and Interview Preparation Guidance.
  31. Digital Marketing Project Management.
  32. MindSet Program.
  33. Digital Marketing Growth Hacks.
Digital Marketing Syllabus - Digital Prajna Brochure - Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Digital Marketing Syllabus : Phase 2 Learnings

The first module of the digital marketing syllabus covers the below topics:

First of all, you will be exploring 18 different digital marketing modules that covers almost all the core concepts of the online marketing that help your or client’s business grow rapidly in online space.

Module 1 – Digital Marketing Foundation

In this module, you will learn about the things you need to know about digital marketing in India.

Also, about internet marketing, working methodology, difference between traditional, inbound, and outbound marketing methodologies.

  • Tools to create Buyer Persona

Module 2 – Competitor and Website Analysis

You will be learning how to find of your competitors online.

Similarly, you will learn to analyze your competitor’s marketing efforts. 

  • Different ways to do competitor research.
  • Competitor Research Tools.
  • Website Analysis Tools.
  • Unique Selling Proposition – Checklist Download.

Module 3 – Market Research & Niche Potential

Different ways to do market research to understand the potential of the market for your product or services will be taught in this module.

Because, analyzing the market potential will help you set the positioning properly. 

  • Tools to perform Market Research.

Module 4 – Website Design using WordPress CMS

Websites are like business cards in online space, your business should have a properly setup website that establishes a great connection with users for better engagement. 

Above all, you will be learning how to develop a WordPress website from the scratch which acts a business card.

  • Tools to create lead magnets for your business site.
  • Website Speed Improvement Tools.

Module 5 – Email Marketing

From the metrics to basics of email marketing will be taught in this module. 

You will be walking through different tools for email marketing and learning the different ways to nurture the leads.

  • Landing Page builder tools.
  • BONUS: Email Marketing Certification Course.

Module 6 – Content Creation and Promotion

Current trends in content marketing, history of content marketing, content consumption in India, Funneling the content, content mapping, different ways to write content for different platforms, social media content, website content, and more!

  • Copywriting Tools to speed up the process.
  • Templates to write great headlines.

Module 7 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is a very huge module which is a complete by itself. 

You will be taught the basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Things to know before getting started with seo, on site optimization tactics, optimizing the content for search engines and users, off site seo methods, technical seo, and more!

  • Bonus: SEO Strategy.
  • Bonus: SEO Reporting.
  • Link Building Tools.
  • Keyword Research Tools.
  • Back Analysis Tools.
  • Technical SEO Tools.
  • BONUS: Grey Hat Methods to rank higher on Google SERPs.

Module 8 – Social Media Marketing, Optimization & Advertising

You will be learning social media marketing, optimization and advertising for the platforms Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

  • Platform Specific Tools and Checklists.

Module 9 – PPC Google Ads Campaign Management, Optimization, and Reporting

Paid Advertising is considered to be the highly effective digital marketing channel and you are going to master this skill in the course provided the proper time and attention given to it.

Google Ads being one of the most famous search advertising platform and you will be walking through this tool and learning how to create a campaign from scratch to turn it to a profitable one.

  • Create highly effective landing pages with these tools.
  • These tools are to help you with competitor research for paid ads.

Module 10 – Advertising with Bing

This is one of the highly effective search advertising platform and very people have tapped the potential of it. 

You will be learning the methods to create ads using Bing Ads platform.

Module 11 – Mobile Marketing (SMS Marketing)

As we all know at least 10 minutes once people will check their smart phones, this is a treat for any advertisers to show case their product or services right at the hands of people.

The reachability has become so effective that advertisers can literally reach based on the interest and demographics.

You will be learning the methods to promote your product or services to the right audience through mobile and SMS.

  • 30+ Resources to Mobile and SMS Marketing.

Module 12 – GEO Marketing

Gone are the days where you would be visiting each individual house near by your shop or business location to promote your business. 

You can literally reach your audience just through ads and business listing.

Learn how to list your business online that attracts local customers to your business location or shop directly.

  • Google My Business Checklist download.

Module 13 – YouTube Video Marketing & Advertising

Did you know?

Around 300 hours of video been uploaded to YouTube every day and 8 of 10 people around the age 18-49 will watch the videos on YouTube every day. 

The potential is immense and we will teach you how to tap into this ocean of opportunities on YouTube.

  • Important YouTube Video Marketing Tools and Resources.

Module 14 – Website Data Analytics

Measurability is the key factor in Digital Marketing, you can measure each and every marketing effort you undertake to accomplish your business objectives.

You will be taught how to use Google Analytics and other marketing analytics tools to help get started with website data analytics.

  • Google Analytics Tool Checklist.
  • Web Analytics Tools.

Module 15 – Affiliate Marketing

Number of people who are making around 8 figures every month through affiliate marketing is been increasing each year. 

We will be showing how they are making and how you can replicate the strategies to earn the similar way.

Module 16 – Blogging

There will always be something that make you a subject matter expert and wanted to express that out to the world and help others to make use of your knowledge. 

Blogging is one such platform that help you share your valuable knowledge and in turn earn money from it as a passive income source.

Module 17 – Freelancing

We teach you different ways to get the freelancing projects online and we will explore the different freelancing platforms. 

Learn the best practices to get your first project online.

Module 18 – Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the publisher side platform from Google that allow publishers to place the Ads on their website and pay money when someone clicks on the Ads that they show up online.

First basic module of the course will help you establish a strong foundation knowledge on the digital marketing concepts theory as well as practical knowledge wise.

Finally, learn how to use the multiple digital marketing tools.

Digital Marketing Syllabus 3 - Phase 3 Learning

Digital Marketing Syllabus of the course stage 2 covers the below topics.

Further more that will help you get to know how to land your first digital marketing job or get your first client.

  • Digital Marketing Planning and Budget Forecast across multiple channels.
  • Internet Marketing for different business types (B2B, B2C, B2B2C, and SAAS).
  • Product Marketing – Promoting e-commerce products online.
  • Fundamentals of Neuromarketing to get into the customer’s brain and understanding the user behavior online & how well you can craft the messaging to get the maximum benefit.
  • Paid Advertising Optimization Strategies (6+ years of experience handling various clients and customers, ad spent worth more than $200K).
  • Online Reputation Management – ORM strategies to help make any brand go from 0 to hero.
  • Digital Marketing Automation – Automating parts of digital marketing process to smoothen the marketing operations online.


  • Finally, the third module of the marketing course syllabus will help you get trained on resume preparation.
  • Working on multiple range of digital marketing tools across multiple platforms.
  • Understanding the case studies of successful campaigns of different business types.
  • Interview preparation to land your first digital marketing job or to get your first client for your business.
  • Getting your first freelance client online.
  • Learn to handle complete digital marketing project alone.
  • How to automate digital marketing different processes.


Trending Digital Marketing Skills - 2020

Some of the top rated digital marketing skills that are on demand in the market:

  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization.
  2. SEM – Search Engine Marketing.
  3. Social Media Marketing/Optimization.
  4. Email Marketing.
  5. Website Designing and Development.
  6. Product Marketing.
  7. Content Writing.
  8. Marketing the created content online.
  9. Copywriting.
  10. Blogging.
  11. Local Marketing.
  12. Google AdWords Campaign Management.
  13. PPC Advertising.
  14. Affiliate Marketing.
  15. Mobile and SMS Marketing.
  16. Marketing Automation.
  17. Web Analytics.
  18. Growth Hacking.

Digital Marketing Online Courses

In conclusion, if you are a student/fresher/job seeker/graduate who is looking out for an awesome digital marketing institute that will help you shape up your career in digital marketing, then we have our career launch blueprint program for you!

Please refer here – Career Launch Blueprint Digital Marketing Online Course.

If you are a Marketing professional or any working professional who would like to learn and enhance your digital marketing skills, we have Digital Marketing Mastermind Program for you!

You can refer here for more information – Digital Marketing Mastermind Online Course.

You would like to learn Digital Marketing but caught up with lot of commitments and you are unable to allot some time in your hectic time schedule.

Hence, we have developed an intensive and effective program for you here – Digital Marketing Growth Hack Online Course.

Download your copy of free digital marketing syllabus 2020 [PDF] 

Feel free to ask any doubts or questions at [email protected].

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Digital Marketing Syllabus FAQs

Top 16 digital marketing topics you need to master.
  1. Discover Your Core Passion.
  2. How to use the Program and DM Goals.
  3. Getting things done in less time.
  4. Market Research and Analysis and Positioning.
  5. Finding the Right Target Audience and Problem Mapping.
  6. Competitor Analysis and Choosing the Right Platform.
  7. Building Digital Marketing Funnels and Creating Lead Magnets.
  8. Setting up the Digital Platforms.
  9. Building Mobile Friendly SEO Optimized WordPress Website.
  10. Ranking Keywords in Google Search using time-tested SEO Tactics.
  11. Getting High Quality Leads Using SEM Strategies.
  12. How to Build a Brand from Scratch using Social Media Marketing.
  13. Lead Generation Using Social Media Marketing.
  14. Converting Website Traffic into Your Loyal Subscribers using Content Marketing.
  15. Converting Subscribers to Paying Customers using Copywriting Techniques.
  16. Nurturing Your Fans and Followers to Convert them into Customers and Promoters.
These are the total of 16 topics you need to get hands on experience in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing involves Digital Devices, Digital Platforms, Digital Media, Digital Data, and Digital Technology. These makes up the 5D’s of digital marketing.

In career launch blueprint you’ll learn about how to get started as a full-time professional by acquiring mindset, and job skills, communication and interview cracking guidance. In digital marketing mastermind, you’ll be learning from 16 modules of digital marketing with 8 bonus online courses as a digital marketing syllabus, and more!

The best field in digital marketing is based on your core passion. That is what we are going to teach you in our career launch blueprint program. Which is our level 1 program, where you will learn the most suitable digital marketing channel you need to master. Then you will develop various digital marketing skills in our level 2 program which is digital marketing mastermind.

MBA in Digital Marketing is a 2 years full time graduate course which is divided into 4 semesters. Instead of doing digital marketing mba, you can master the art and science of digital marketing through direct implementational knowledge which we teach through digital marketing mastermind and growth hack advanced programs.

Since we have various programs offering for different level of students, you can enroll in digital marketing mastermind for developing the necessary digital marketing skills, career launch blueprint for starting with digital marketing as a full-time professional, and digital marketing growth hack to master the art and science of marketing automation and project management skills. These best digital marketing classes will be conducted online and you can watch the videos anytime and anywhere.

Follow the below step by step approach to learn digital marketing on your own. This process might take some time but eventually you will improve.
  1. Study through blogs, videos, influencers etc.
  2. Practice what you have studied.
  3. Clear some certifications to have a basic foundational knowledge.
  4. Start building your online presence through social media or blogs.
  5. Get trained on the subject from digital marketing experts.
  6. Do not stop learning. Keep improving your practical knowledge.
Digital Marketing Mastermind is an intensive online course which helps you master the digital marketing skills within 12-weeks.
To develop the following Digital Marketing Skills, you need to first have a core passion towards the industry, creativity is a major differentiating factor, and analytical skills to work on the data and get insights and implement the actions you get from the insights. Ability to use the channel specific tools is an advantage.
  1. SEO – Search Engine Optimization.
  2. SEM – Search Engine Marketing.
  3. SMO/SMM – Social Media Optimization or Marketing.
  4. Website or Data Analytics.
  5. Website Design Skills.
  6. Technical Skills Persuasion Tactics and Methods.
  7. Email Marketing Skills.
  8. Online Business Promotion Skills.
  9. Content Marketing and Copywriting Skills.
These top 11 digital marketing skills help you grow your digital marketing career in unimaginable ways.
Digital Marketing Training Structure from Digital Prajna has 6 courses which is a level 1 program focuses on helping you develop job skills, core passion discovery, and more. Digital Marketing Mastermind program has 24 modules which helps you develop all the digital marketing skills to become a full-stack digital marketer. Digital Marketing Growth hack program has 27 online course modules which helps you skyrocket any business products or services you want to promote.
Digital marketing online courses are worth your money, time, and attention. Taking Digital Marketing Mastermind course is a fast and effective way to build new digital marketing skills or enhance your knowledge about various topics. You can opt-in to reasonably charged price from Digital Prajna online marketing courses.
At the end of the program, it is worth your time, energy, money, and attention you putin the course for you to prepare for your full-time career and beyond. The learning modules covered in the program are:
  1. Market Research and Competitor Analysis.
  2. Finding the Right Target Audience.
  3. Social Media Marketing and Optimization.
  4. Social Media Advertising with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  5. SEO – Search Engine Optimization.
  6. SEM – Search Engine Marketing on Google and Bing.
  7. Content Strategy, Planning, and Marketing.
  8. Content Creation and Promotion Methods.
  9. Copywriting Techniques.
  10. Email and Video Marketing.
  11. Data and Website Analytics and more!
You will be prepared in-depth in our digital marketing mastermind certification programs from digital prajna.

Digital Prajna’s Digital Marketing Growth Hack Program for Entrepreneurs and Executives. Digital Prajna – Digital Marketing Mastermind for Professionals. Digital Prajna’s Career Launch Blueprint Program for Students and Job Seekers.

Digital marketing involves various channels using which you can target your audience, measure your performance, and market your products or services. Reach and convert leads into customers using different tactics and retain them using email marketing. You shall be focusing on electronic devices as a primary mode of communication.

Can I do Digital Marketing Course after 12th? Absolutely. All you need is interest and passion to grow in your career by taking digital marketing as your career. Anyone can do Digital Marketing in 2020 and beyond.