Digital Marketing Trainer

C L VIKRAM being one of the best digital marketing trainer in bangalore help students, professionals, and entrepreneurs understand the digital marketing concepts and methodologies from the scratch to help them get a desired job in the market, get a hike up to 50%, and increase the business Return on Investment (ROI).

CL Vikram


“Engineer by Education, Digital Marketing Trainer by Passion.”


BE in Computer Science and Engineering

 Visvesvaraya Technological University

Companies Worked


CEO and Founder

Runs a Digital Marketing Startup in Bengaluru.


Ad Operations, Display Ads

Yahoo! need no introduction I guess.


Incubation Account Specialist

Zirca is a representative company for Microsoft.


SEM Executive

A premium digital marketing agency.


Digital Marketing Intern

One of the Top Digital Marketing Institute in India.

Training Experience


Ad Operations, Display Ads

  • Being a Digital Marketing Trainer, he had trained around 12 members in the team on the Display Advertising Process.
  • Vikram had taught them on Quality Analysis, Reporting, and Escalation handling with different internal tools available.
  • He also trained his teammates in the Double Click Certification and helped them to crack the Double Click Certification Exams by guiding them properly on the Subject.


Incubation Account Specialist

  • Being a Digital Marketing Trainer, he had trained total of 12 people in Account Management team (Both Account Coordinators and Account Managers) with an average experience around 6+ years on the Campaign Management, Optimization and Reporting.
  • Vikram trained the Account Executives (Sales team) on Client Acquisition process to acquire clients, lead nurturing, and market research with different tools.
  • He also automated some of the major projects like Device and Audience Targeting reporting using Macros.


Sandesh Karkare

Digital Marketing Head, Microsoft (Zirca)

“Vikram is very efficient on his job. He has an excellent knowledge of search advertising on platforms specifically Google Adwords and Bing Ads. He has successfully demonstrated his SEM skills to improve efficiency of Paid Campaigns. He was actively involved in automation of critical tasks using Excel macros which helped the team to reduce the time required to complete those tasks. He conducted training sessions to train Account Coordinators,  Account Management and Account executives which helped the team to improve their efficiency.  

Vikram had proactively taken up the responsibility of AM for a month and helped to scale up revenue for important clients. Also,  he is quite updated on latest changes in Digital Advertising and also plays key role in updating processes. He is an valuable asset for any organisation. I wish him all the best for his future endeavours.”

Peter J Miriani

Data Insights Manager, Yahoo!

“Vikram joined the Yahoo! Network Quality Team in October of 2015. Since then he has quickly distinguished himself as a valuable addition to the team. Vikram is highly intelligent, highly motivated, and a highly impactful part of the core team. 

Vikram mastered Yahoo ad policy and ramped up to a steady state faster than anyone on the team. He distinguished himself with high quality scores and productivity within his first six weeks of joining the team. This is an admirable feat for long-time veterans on the team. It is especially impressive in Vikram’s case, as he was the most recent addition to the team. It’s an understatement to characterize Vikram as a fast learner. He’s more like an immediate subject matter expert. I applaud Vikram for his ability to integrate and make himself vital in the fast-paced, ever-changing environment of Yahoo’s display advertising business. 

As I manage Vikram remotely,I must rely upon him to be industrious and make sound judgments in Yahoo’s best interest in my absence. I’m pleased to report Vikram does not disappoint. I am informed by Vikram’s peers that he is independent and motivated in his work, he demonstrates a strong work ethic, and he advocates fiercely in Yahoo’s best interests. I’m also told he’s very pleasant to work with. These qualities are important, especially in an environment as dynamic and challenging as global display advertising. It can be difficult work. It really helps to have quality talent on your team. 

I’m very pleased we were able to recruit Vikram for our team. To date he has only exceeded our expectations. I hope we’ll be able to retain him and help him grow within the organization. He has a ton of potential.”

Abhiman M

Digital Marketing Specialist, i-Vista!

“Vikram is a fully focused professional with expertise in Digital Marketing with skills across varied channels specializing in Google Adwords, Analytics and YouTube Marketing, SEO. He is instrumental for various projects which helped improve Marketing and sales goals across clients and was a pleasure collaborating with him.”

Somesh Kumar

Digital Marketing Consultant, WMA

“Vikram is a awesome person to work and he has the passionate to work in DM. he is an expert in google adwords and has good skills in other areas like seo and smm.”

Digital Marketing Trainer - Certifications and Awards


Google AdWords Fundamentals – Certification


Google AdWords Display Certification


Google AdWords Mobile – Certification


Google AdWords Shopping Ads – Certification


Google AdWords – Video – Certification

Google AdWords

Google AdWords Fundamentals Award

Website Design

Google Webdesigner Award

Google My Business

Google My Business Page Award

What to Write

Email Marketing Course from Aweber

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing Certification from HubSpot

Bing Ads

Bing Ads Accredited Professional

Double Click

Double Click Ad Exchange and Ad Trafficker Certification

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager Certification

PPC Management

Google AdWords PPC Certification