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Digital Prajñā focuses on tweaking the inner realities to manifest the core desires in alignment with the person’s individual interests in Digital Marketing with the demands of the world in external realities.

The only measurable criteria we would focus here is happiness as we believe success is happiness not just what the world perceive it to be.

We help you follow your instincts and deep interests than following the crowd blindly.

We reverse engineered the


Days are gone expecting external systems like society, people, situations, institutions, or any other dependencies help you overcome your challenges and uplift you with their broken and mechanical approaches. Now is the time to rewire your neural paths with our new education system which is INSIDE OUT. That’s what we are going to teach you!

Pseudo World that en-forces you to be someone else always (Abnormal)

Most of the knowledge sharing platforms (Universities, Colleges, Institutes, and other Courses) follow the very old technique of feeding the students with the outdated knowledge or skills that is of very less use to the real world environment to survive and grow.

Apparently, students and parents accepted this instilled idea of becoming someone to survive in the rapidly changing world that shows us the saturation point of all the trends in the market.


Current Education System
digital prajna course outcome flowchart

Become Transformed Happy Individuals (Normal)

Digital Prajñā inspired by rishis way of life and uses an ancient teaching methodology similar to Gurukul education system where a person would first given a tests to know his true interests and discover his core passion.

Once after a person discovers his natural interest and core passion in the digital marketing domain as he would then be given a chance to pursue the necessary digital marketing skills to become what he truly wants to become.

This is what makes him to live a more peaceful, growing, learning, content, happy, and successful life.


Our Teaching Methodology

Digital Prajñā is a platform for students to understand his own life and discover his true passion, if and only if he is interested in pursuing the career in Digital Marketing.

We shall guide him to acquire the necessary skills through our advanced programs for his career growth.

We focus only on the individuals who would contribute to the digital marketing domain abundantly with his true passion not the ones who just come for the sake of getting job and be part of the rat race.

You have Two Choice:

Live a life of someone else’s dream by listening to the pseudo-normal society trying out all the methods by yourself which takes a lot of time and energy.


Discover your true passion and live your dream by adopting the working techniques sincerely and taking actions diligently through activating your own inner potentialities by tweaking the inner realities following someone who has already tread the path.

We are not a life skill or professional skill development institute that you find every nook and corner of the world.
We are here to impact the lives of the people for the happy and peaceful world. We want to uplift the lives of one who would like to do the same to others! 

Caught up in Rat Race?

Knowing your true life goals and professional goals will help you unveil the potential within. Goal Setting is the most talked about subject in personality development program and by life skills coaches. Do learn the time-tested techniques to discover what is a TRUE Goal and how to set goals and

Time = Life

It is not just made of Seconds, Minutes or Hours! Life is what made of Time. The more wisely you use it, the better you can live with it. Simple yet profound techniques are taught to acquire any skills within a stipulated time period.

Your Infinite Potential

Very less people will even think and talk. They just talk for the sake of others to listen even if others are not interested in their talk. Knowing the subtle aspects and potentials of your own THOUGHTS behind the grossers meaningless WORDS is the way to discover and tap into the potential of Infinity.

Wisdom of Your Existence

Discovering your core interests and true passion is your second birth in human life. Once you discover your true passion and interests, it drives you towards the goal by itself. First step is to take action to know it. We teach you the methods to discover your natural interests.

Job Skills

Learning how to get your first job in your professional journey is the major milestone. Not all are born with special abilities that the world call it to be so. It is a feasible approach to go step by step rather than jumping off to the other shore at one stretch.

Digital Marketing Skills

Digital Marketing Skills is the most valued skill in the current digital eco-system. You can litereally market any product or services if you simply master any one skill in Digital Marketing. It’s opportunities are boundless. We teach you these skills only if you are passionate about it and only then you will get maximum benefit.

Powerful & Happy Individual

You are the last stage where the potential opportunities for you lead a content and happy life is countless after mastering the digital marketing skills. Idea is to impact the life of people at a larger scale at this stage of your career growth. Remember SKILLs are your true powers.

We teach you to be


Most of the other training institutes, individual trainers, and coaches teaches you to learn parts of Digital Marketing. To be a SUCCESSFUL person you need to learn to handle and tweak your inner realities while following time-tested methodologies in external realities. Balance is the Key here and that is what we teach.

We follow the four methodologies to reprogram you as a happy and successful individual.

1. SELF-MASTERY PROGRAM: Self-Mastery Program which is our first level program which purely focuses on reprogramming your brain and mental habit patterns through various techniques.

2. CAREER LAUNCH BLUEPRINT: Career Launch Blueprint course bundle would help you discover your true passion and find the natural interests that are in align with the job opportunities available in digital eco-system. This also help you acquire the necessary skills to crack the interviews.

3. DIGITAL MARKETING MASTERMIND: Digital Marketing Mastermind Program prepares you to be a Digital Marketing Professional Practitioner.

4. DIGITAL MARKETING GROWTH HACK: Digital Marketing Growth Hack Program helps you make the best use of most of the opportunities in Digital Eco-system.

All the four levels course bundles are explained below in detail…

Hit your career Goals like a Pro!

Mindset Reprogramming

We teach students how to think rather than what to think. This is absolutely critical in a rapidly changing digital eco-system. We help them discover their true inner potentials through series of activities that make them better individuals without suppressing their creativity.

Supporting Platform

A single platform where all like-minded students can discuss, have fun, learn, share, and grow together allowing everyone to prosper and grasp the stuff in their own way and time.

Application Wisdom

Theoretical knowledge would help them know the stuff but to experience the realities they need to give the implementation wisdom. We give them practical methodologies that works in real time.

Learnings in Real World

Real world problems has to be dealt with real world alone not just knowing the subjects. Knowing the subjects might trigger their imagination but the experience makes them understand the realities and open up their mind to face it, fix it, and grow in their life.

Measurable Goals

Knowing goals and reaching goals are two different things altogether. We help them provide necessary tools to carve out their own path in a highly competitive digital environment.

Step by Step Growth

Growth happens after a series of consistent efforts while maintaining the calm throughout the process. In a world where the attention span is hardly less than 15 seconds we help students to develop patience, focus, skills, virtues, and use of their own inner faculties to reach their goals.

Here's what we meant by Step by Step growth...

Step 1 –  You join our Career Launch Blueprint Program and Learn Life Skills and Job Skills.

Decided to pursue your career in Digital Marketing? 
No  Acquire Life Skills and Job Skills.
Yes – Go to Step 2

Step 2 – Joins Digital Marketing Mastermind Program

Decided to take Digital Marketing in your life to the next level.
No – Acquire Digital Marketing Skills and become full-time professional.
Yes – Go to Step 3

Step 3 – Start earning passive income by working as a freelance consultant or run your own startup as a Digital Marketing Solo or Entrepreneur.

Stage by Stage Growth - Full Stack Digital Marketer




We all have positive and negative side of our being. Transcending both of them will leave us with immense possibilities within ourselves and world we engage with.

Goal of this program is to help you uplift you from negative side of yourself to a positive side and then transcending the both over a period of time.

This program helps you guide on giving a clarity of your current life and lifestyle to the one you desired to achieve in this life with measurable metrics.

self mastery program stage 1 courses



Where you are now?

Learn how intentions bring clarity to your thoughts by removing the fog in your head. Declutter the thoughts before setting the goal. Follow the tips and tricks to bring it on.

Where you want to go?

Understand the Importance of Goal Setting. Ways and means to set a goal for your life and career is a crucial aspect to find the balance.

Goals Parameters

Without understanding Goal Setting Parameters you will find it difficult to set a solid working goal. Avoid confusion learning these techniques.

Too Many Goals?

Here you will learn about different types of Goals. How to Goals Prioritization technique for saving lot of time and energy. Learn the Prajñā Guri Technique & Download Template.

Golden Time

Probably, time is the most taken for granted thing in our life.Understand the value of time, different types of time wasters and learn how to save 92% of your mental energies.

Time Stamp

Learn the most practical and approachable self-analysis techniques to save tons of your time. Time is energy you know that now!

First Things First

Learn to prioritize your tasks to reach your goals rapidly by using the Prajñ? Samaya Technique and Understand how 3 Golden Rules would save your life from rat race. Download the Template.


Understand how Thought works, nature of thought, emotions, and mind-boggling thought math to discover the gem within.

Unseen Forces

Learn the method for attaining laser sharp focus, Imagination and visualization techniques for manifestation, Power of concentration. Learn Prajñā Shakti Technique & Download template.


What is Prajñā? - Not Just Awareness, Functions of Prajñā, Thought Patterns , Past and Future Gap Analysis, Intensifying Your Prajñā? - 30 Days Challenge.


Manifestation, What is it? Does they truly work in real-life? Myths and Truths. Science behind the manifestation. Prajñā Ola Nota - Activity.

The Old You

Peeling off emotions in their true nature, types of emotions. Belief system and how does it work? Overcoming self-limiting beliefs.

The New You

Decision making, how does knowledge impact decision making, sense of acceptance, changing habit patterns, methods to clear off undercurrents. Learn the Prajñā​ Kriya Technique and download the template.

Irresponsible to Sensible

Understanding sensory perceptions, how perception impacts our life. How not to get fooled by our own sensory perceptions. Beyond senses and the truth.

Psuedo Valley

Study of different brain wave patterns, difference between being conscious and being aware and awake. How to get out of chaos created by the external temporary world.

Greatest Powers

How to tap into 12 energy centers within and how to use them for our own and others well-being. Making the best use of them in real life.

career launch blueprint program stage 2 courses






Once you have understood the importance of changing habit patterns to positive side of life through Self-Mastery Program, it’s time to choose the suitable domain to pursue and grow in your professional career.

This course takes you from knowing the opportunities to reaching your desired goals be it getting into the full time job as professional or an individual freelance consultant to a digital marketing entrepreneur.

This course can be utilized to develop job skills, interview skills, and knowing the ways and means to improve the communication skills.

Welcome Kit

Your 90 days action plan to get your first job in Digital Marketing. You will also be guided on the daily rituals for self-transformation.

Background Check

You'll be given a complete picture of Digital Marketing and how it has been evolved over a period of time. Top 3 Opportunities to focus on.

Your First Job

Tips to Succeed in Digital Marketing. A road map and ways to get your first job within next 90 days.

Core Skills to Master

Discovering your natural interests and aligning it with your core passion. Finding the suitable jobs by understanding job roles.

Interest and Passion

There is a lot of different between what we are interested in and what we are passionate about. Core Passion Discovery Stage - 1 technique.

Top Portals Walkthrough

Myths and truths about Skills and Experience. Skill gap analysis and Passion Discovery Stage - 2 process. Understanding Job roles and responsibilities.

It's About Skills

Skills and their significance. 4 stages of mastering any skill. Top 3 skills to master in Digital Marketing. Skill gap analysis - Activity.

What drives our Life?

Importance of Passion, Personal and Professional passions, Tips to get High Paid Jobs and Real Life Experiences.

Why Digital Prajñā?

Career Growth in digital marketing, what to expect, Challenges in Growth and ways to overcome. Inspirational Story!

Digital Marketing

Core concepts in Digital Marketing, Elements of a Solid Funnel and how to build one, Skills Vs Designation Vs Experience myths and truth.

Tools & Resources

Top tools to master in digital marketing, Skills and Tools Relationship and how to master any tool in just a month.

90 Days Action Plan

Your 90 days action plan to crack an interview and improving your communication skills to land your first job in Digital Marketing.




If you have decided to prosper in digital marketing domain, it is absolutely critical to acquire the necessary skills to thrive in this domain.

This mastermind program helps you give a solid foundational understanding of marketing and digital marketing and to master the skills in a stipulated time period.

An implementation oriented activity based program that could be utilized to build a discipline while acquiring the 10s of digital marketing skills that would help you achieve your end goals.

digital marketing mastermind program stage 3 courses



Marketing Foundation Model

Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing, Business Objective, Target Audience, Buyer Persona, Resources and Tools!

Market Research Blueprint

Competitor Analysis, Website Analysis, Unique Selling Proposition, Market Research, Tools for Competitor Analysis, Tools for Website Analysis.

Website Design Mastery

In this module, you are going to master the art and skill of crafting an amazing website from the scratch. You'll be guided on how to use different tools and more!

Email Marketing Blueprint

Email Marketing Metrics, Emailing Platforms, Lists and Campaigns, , Signup form,Integration, Email Marketing Strategies, Certification Course, Tools and Resources.

Content Marketing Model

Ways to produce content, Content types, Sales Funnel, Content Promotion Strategy, Great Content Pieces, Blogging Basics, Template and Tools and more!

SEO Growth Formula

In this course, you will go from scratch to advanced level SEO techniques and methods to drive traffic, leads, and sales through your SEO efforts. SEO Checklists and more!.

Social Media Marketing Blueprint

This course covers facebook, twitter, and linkedin marketing methods and advertising on each platform. Resources and Checklists download and more!.

Search Marketing Mastery

Search Marketing Course covers two platforms Google and Bing Ads where in you will learn how to create a campaign and make it profitable. Optimization checklist.

Web Analytics Formula

Web Analytics Basics, Google Analytics Setup, Google Analytics Integrations, Goals in Analytics, IP Filtering, Web Page Performance Analysis, Multi-channel Funnels, High Level Data Insights, Tools and Checklists.

Video Marketing Model

This course covers creating the videos to pre-production and post-production, marketing tactics, Video SEO, and Advertising on YouTube with tools and checklists and more!

Affiliate Marketing System

Affiliate Marketing, Passive Income Success Stories, Freelancing Basics, Blog Monetization, Affiliate Marketing Platforms.

Local Business Mastery

SEO for Local Business, Google My Business Page Setup, Comprehensive Guide on GMB, GMB Checklist and more!

digital marketing growth hack program stage 4 courses






If you are an ambitious person who don’t want to stop at any juncture of your life and consider each opportunity to be a growth oriented milestone, this growth hack program is for you.

Digital Marketing Growth Hack primarily focuses on making an individual self-reliable and self-sufficient. This is for rigorous action takers just not content consumers.

This 100% action oriented implementation program is for the one who wanted to become an entrepreneur who would be able to market any product or services by implementing the steps taught in Level 3 program combined with the strategies and following the blueprint from Level 4 program.

Process Automation

Different Stages of automation, how to use it for businesses, understanding the Purpose of automation.

Platforms for Automation

Online Promotion Automation, Automation Message, Types of Messages, Tools for Automation – Multi Channel.

Project Management

Complete Project Management Overview, competitor analysis and marketing breakdowns.

Funnel Research

Top of the funnel, Middle of the funnel, and bottom of the funnel, positioning and getting the early adopters.

Types of Businesses

Competitor analysis and how to do it professionally to know whether the strategies they are using works or not.

Building Your Strategy

Understanding the current status, Strategy, action plan, and Promotional Materials required and more!

Campaign Objectives

Choosing the best suitable and profitable platform and avoiding time wasting strategies to pickup quickly in the market.

Budget Management

Master the basics of budget management and optimization for marketing strategies.

Your 90 Days Action Plan

Implementing the strategies for traffic Generation to lead generation to sales generation through Multichannel Marketing.

Lead Generation

Step by Step guide to implement the lead generation strategies to start seeing the results in 90 days!

Sales Generation

Understanding the sales process and choosing the right platforms to sell and ways and means to sell your product or services.

10x Traffic Booster

Drive crazy traffic to your website through Influencer Marketing,Media Buying, and Solo Ads. Finally to convert leads to sales.