Digital Prajñā


We are here to make you aware of your Prajñā, Prajñā itself will help you do the rest of things in your life!

The traditional approach of go to college, get higher education, get a job, and be an educated fool is no more holds good for this rapid growing generation of digital-world.

In the process of pursuing the happiness outside of our own true self, we would get caught up in a rat race where no one cares about your wrongly perceived success.

Success is actually becoming who we truly are by doing what we truly wanted to do by considering the well-being of all the human beings with our tiny contributions from our core passionate field.

We never enforce any students to take up our courses rather we guide them make a better decision by making them discover their true passion through our Career Launch Blueprint Program.


Can someone in your life can define the so called Successsssss?

  • Finding the joy in serving others without any expectations is Success for the selfless people.
  • Finding the joy in intellectual conversation or work for the benefit of others is Success for brilliant minds.
  • Finding the joy in being grateful towards the association he makes with the world around himself be it land or language or people is Success for the grateful ones.
  • Finding the joy in impacting the life of others without making a noise at worldly level but at the energy level is Success for the humans of highest order.

After all,

Who defines a Success?


Who can define a Success?

You yourself for yourself and for your own self. It is neither the world nor for the world.

  • For someone who is not having food, success is getting his food is his Success.
  • For someone who is not earning money to take care of his family, earning a full-time income is his Success.
  • For someone who is in pain of death bed, re-live the life after coming back from that situation is Success.
  • For an employee starting his own venture and pursuing his journey of self-sufficient process is Success.
  • For a businessman ringing the bell to launch IPO is Success. 
  • For a country winning the war against the enemy country is Success. 
  • For a student who is outside from his family meeting them again after a long time is Success. 

Success is relative so does the world.

You can be easily replaced by someone but not your thoughts, words, and actions.

It leaves for a while and then vanish.

The impact you make on the others life will live through them.

We believe in our core values and of course just like a relative existence this too shall take its own meaning over a period of time based on people’s perception. 🙂 

For Digital Prajñā, students becoming successful by defining their own way of success is SUCCESS. 

If we are able to impact the lives of others with our content, we have done our job. That’s all there is to it. 

We are eager to see you Succeed!

Uniqueness is Beauty

We believe in unique beauty of existence of each human beings in this planet earth.

Equally Potential

We believe in the strengths of an individual especially the one who thinks he can’t or he is not capable enough.

Others First Attitude

We believe not only in right actions but right results too which involve everyone’s well being!

Strong Individual

We believe in self-education than the education systems or any sort of external dependencies.

Focus & Attention

We believe in an individual who can cut through the noise and perceive the reality as it is in both his inner and outer world through focus and attention.

Happiness = Success!

Success is what others perceive it to be of you or your life, Happiness is the reality with which one live consciously and mindfully which in turn brings him/her a success.