In this Facebook Marketing Strategy guide, you will be learning the following this:

  1. Driving more fans to your fan page.
  2. Increasing the engagement rate for the facebook posts.
  3. Strategies of Facebook Advertisings.
  4. Tools and Resources to help you with the process.
  5. Facebook Marketing Checklist.

Before we get started to actual methodologies, we will go through the basics of social media.

Social Media Marketing - Introduction

Marketing your product/services using different Social Media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

Social Networking users are rapidly increasing in India. 142 million is the number of social network users in India, out of them around 84% will use Facebook, around 9% YouTube, 2% Instagram and 1% Twitter and less than 1% LinkedIn.

Social Media Marketing is one of the effective marketing channel for businesses in India. Revenue in the “Social Media Advertising” segment amounts to US$512m in 2018.

Introduction: Facebook Marketing Strategy

Now, we have understood the stats of social media channels and the market share. 

In facebook marketing it is very crucial to know the facebook metrics.

Let’s begin understanding them from the scratch.

Important Facebook Metrics

1. Engagement – Like, Share, or Comment

2. Reach – Number of people see your content on Facebook

3. Impressions – Impressions is the number of times your posts were seen

4. Facebook Referral Traffic – Number of people who have visited your website through Facebook

5. Page Likes & Follows – Number of people who liked your fan page becomes fan, follow represents how many fans would like to see your fan page updates on their timeline

6. Video Retention – Determines how long the users stick to your video post

7. Video Engagement – Click to play is a video engagement metric that tells you how many number of people clicked on your video to watch

8. Facebook Ad Metrics

facebook ad metrics

9. Click Through Rate (CTR) – Number of people clicked on your ad

10. CPC & CPM – Cost Per Click is the amount you will pay for Facebook after user clicks on the Ad.

Cost Per Mile is when you pay facebook after your Ad reaches 1000 impressions

11. CPA – Cost Per Acquisition determines how much you are paying for each lead/conversion

12. Ad Frequency – How many number of times the ad is showing to the same user

Facebook Fan Page Creation

Facebook Fan Pages help you connect your business, yourself or your cause to the worldwide community of people on Facebook.

For implementing any facebook marketing strategy for business, business should create a facebook fan page.

Follow the below 7 steps to create a Facebook Page for your business:

  1. Create a Facebook fan page for your business.

  2. Choose the right category for your business.

  3. Create and Update the profile picture.

  4. Create and update the cover image.

  5. Optimize your Facebook fan page by filling up the relevant details wherever necessary.

  6. Fan Page Settings.

Facebook Marketing Strategy - Foundation

Facebook Fan Page Creation

Below are the facebook fan page activities that you can perform to increase your credibility for your business on facebook.

Creating facebook page will not help implementing the facebook marketing strategy but also help build credibility for the businesses.

facebook likes
  1. Facebook Page Username & URL

  2. Defining the target audience for your Facebook Fan Page

  3. Integrating different Facebook Apps to increase the engagement

  4. Scheduling the Facebook Posts

  5. Setting up a Call To Action Button for your Facebook Page

  6. Pinning the High Priority Facebook Post

Facebook Marketing Strategy - Advanced

Facebook Community

Facebook community is the crucial aspect in building the brand and also engaging the core target audience on facebook.

This is an advanced facebook marketing strategy which would help boost the overall marketing processs.

Creating facebook community will take time with consistent efforts.

You can build a community for your audience through Facebook Groups to engage with them easily.

Follow the below steps to create a Facebook Groups.

  1. Create a group

  2. Add some people to the group (either from database or your Facebook fans)

  3. Select the privacy you want for the group

  4. Update your Group completely for better relevance and engagement for your audience

  5. Link your fan page with your group

  6. Customizing your Group email address

  7. Set the Member approval method

  8. Securing the group with post permissions

  9. Share the valuable resources often times

  10. Use multiple content formats to make the group posts more engaging

  11. Pin your group post which you think is of utmost important

  12. Go live if you have anything new to say for your audience

Facebook Organic Promotion Strategies

  1. Share inspirational graphics

  2. Share funny or creative content often times

  3. Try to post different kind of posts such as Brand story, Authority building, lead nurture, and personal posts

  4. You can boost your post to get more engagement (Because that’s how the algorithm works, it gives priority to the post which has got decent engagement already.)

  5. Adding integrations will boost your organic reach.
  • Custom tabs
  • Lead forms
  • Podcasts
  • Videos
  • Quizzes
  • Polls
  • Landing Pages
  • Contests
  • Offer Promotion
  1. Publish high quality, original and engaging content
  • Video Tutorials
  • Recipe posts
  • How To Videos
  • Q and A
  • Lists
  • Checklists
  • Freebies
  1. Select the right audience targeting from the page settings

  2. Test with different time of the day and Schedule the posts to optimize better

  3. Keep track of your posting frequency and tweak to optimize better

  4. Partner with other Facebook pages in your industry/niche.

  5. Run Contests

  6. Promote offers on the special days

  7. Go live often times if you have something valuable information to share with your fans

  8. Use the hashtags for better visibility

  9. Most importantly focus on giving value to the audience rather than growing your business (Value builds your business).

You can understand the latest facebook algorithm in depth here.


Facebook Ads Methods

The below 12 step approach will help you start running your Ads on Facebook.

  1. Create an Facebook Ad Account or Business Manager Account

  2. Adding the payment method

  3. Understanding the Facebook Campaign Structure

  4. Understand the marketing objective

  5. Creating the target audience (Custom, lookalike, and Saved)

  6. Create a Facebook pixel for re-targeting

  7. Install the Facebook pixel in WordPress (You can use plugin also)

  8. Install the Facebook pixel on other website (Sites which are not using WordPress) – paste the code in header.php before the </head> tag

  9. Install Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome extension to check if you have implemented it on the website properly

  10. Custom Audience creating using the pixel

  11. Create an Ad Set

  12. Create an Ad


Facebook Local

Facebook Local will help you drive more visitors to your local shop.

Follow the below 11 step method to create one for your business on facebook.

  1. Go to ad manager

  2. Create a Campaign by selecting “Store Visits” as a marketing objective

  3. Select the page to create an ad

  4. Click on Ad

  5.  Add the creatives and choose the feasible options

  6.  Add a card at the end of your Page profile picture.

    The map card shows details of your nearest physical business locations, including a map, opening hours and directions. You can update the addresses for each one by managing your locations

  7. Choose the destination as store locator or maps

  8. Set the budget (start with minimum amount initially, later you can expand)

  9. Schedule the campaign if you want

  10. Select the image type and write an ad

  11. Select the Call to Action to “Directions” if your target is very granular.

Facebook Tools and Facebook Resources

Royalty Free Images:

  1. freepik.com
  2. pexels.com
  3. unspash.com
  4. stocksnap.io
  5. pixabay.com
  6. canva.com

Facebook Reporting

Facebook Insights

Facebook Page Management – Automation



If you have any suggestions on the above topics or have some experience and knowledge to share on the above topics. 

Kindly do share with us, as most of the other people do get help from your valuable suggestions. 

Your comments are highly valued and appreciated. Thanks!

~ Vikram C L

Facebook Marketing Strategy FAQs

Facebook, even though a social media platform, it has slowly evolved into content distribution channel and social media advertising platform to reach out to target audience with laser sharp focus. Facebook advertising platform is their core marketing strategy to monetize their platform in a most efficient way.
Top 13 ways to use Facebook to promote your business for when you have no money!
  1. Facebook Page Username & URL
  2. List your events.
  3. Ask your network to share blog posts.
  4. Create a personal business presence using a fan page.
  5. Defining the target audience for your Facebook Fan Page.
  6. Integrating different Facebook Apps to increase the engagement.
  7. Syndicate your blog.
  8. Maintain a robust brand presence.
  9. Create your own group.
  10. Join industry relevant groups.
  11. Scheduling the Facebook Posts.
  12. Setting up a Call To Action Button for your Facebook Page.
  13. Pinning the High Priority Facebook Post.
You can make use of these top 13 facebook marketing strategies.
You can simply take advantage of the numerous amount of Facebook users and increase awareness about your brand. Another reason that makes Facebook a powerful online marketing tool is its larger demographics. … Thus, Facebook help create a larger demographics of individuals to market your product to. Absolutely! Facebook as a tool has plenty of benefits to market your product or services. You can increase your brand awareness, lead generation, sell your services, product sales using their largest demographics. You can use the largest demographics to reach out to your specific target audience using this as a marketing tool.
Top 8 Ways to attract customers on facebook.  You can make use of the below points:
  1. Ensure you post at the right time.
  2. Add picture with a great caption.
  3. Test out your posts with different angles.
  4. It could fun, creative, logical, etc.
  5. Make it personal.
  6. Remove fear from customers mind.
  7. Frequently post your content.
  8. Make your brand connect to humans.
By this way you can attract customers on facebook to your business in 2020.
Here are the Top 9 facebook posts you can try to get more engagement from your target audience.
  1. User Generated Content.
  2. Video Posts.
  3. Other People’s Content.
  4. Image Posts.
  5. Inspirational quotes.
  6. Text Posts.
  7. Your Blog posts.
  8. Podcast links.
  9. Audio files.
You can try out these top  8 methods to get more likes and comments on your facebook posts.
  1. Pictures with quotes.
  2. Images of your customer reviews.
  3. Testimonial videos for your products or services.
  4. Asking questions to your group members.
  5. Engage with audience using polls.
  6. Invite audience to your brand events.
  7. Conduct contests to drive lot of engagement.
  8. Boost post for more likes and comments on facebook.