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Digital Marketing Course Basics

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What will you be learning in this Course?

12 Modules 33 Chapters

  • Course Walk-through Video

  • Things you need to know about Digital marketing in India

  • What Is Digital Marketing And How Does It Work?

  • Inbound and Outbound Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Opportunities for Students, Freshers, and

  • Digital Marketing for Startups and SMBs
  • Business Objective and Target Audience
  • How to come up with Unique Selling Propositions
  • Understanding the Buyer’s Journey
  • What is Website and Why do you need one for your business?

  • Importance of a Mobile Friendly and Responsive Website

  • Website Planning and Structuring

  • Choosing a best domain name for your business

  • How to buy domain name and hosting

  • Content Management System and WordPress
  • Email Marketing Basics

  • Email Marketing Metrics
  • Content Consumption in India

  • Content Marketing, history of content marketing and different ways to produce a content
  • Search Engine – Introduction

  • How Search Engine Works?
  • Social Media Marketing Introduction

  • Facebook Introduction and Important Facebook Metrics

  • Google Plus Facts and Stats – 2018

  • LinkedIn Facts – 2018

  • Getting Started with Twitter Account
  • Search Engine Marketing – Basics

  • 12 Core Advantages of using SEM for your Business

  • SEM Platforms

  • How Google AdWords works & AdWords Auctions

  • Google AdWords – Ad Types
  • Web Analytics Basics
  • YouTube Basics and Advantages of Video Marketing

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Instructor Profile

CL Vikram

This Basic Digital Marketing Course has been designed to help you learn about the Digital Marketing. This course has been developed from a Digital Marketing Professional who has been in the industry from the last 6+ years and has worked for Yahoo! and Microsoft prior to his startup Leadometrics

This course is purely focused on helping you understand the basics of Digital Marketing and using which you can enhance your digital marketing skills, promote your businesses from scratch and get into the same domain as a full time employee especially if you are a student or a fresher.

You can find more information about the instructor here – CL VIKRAM.


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