google adwords ctr secrets part 1

Google AdWords CTR Secrets – How to hack it in the most effective ways


This comprehensive guide to boost the Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate) is for all the Search Marketers, who are at different stages. 

You may be a Newbie, Beginner, Digital Marketing Expert, Ameture or an Experienced Digital Marketing Professional this would help you to achieve a better Return On Investment (ROI) on your paid advertising campaigns irrespective.

Even though I have considered the Google AdWords platform but most of the tips can be implemented across other paid advertising platforms.

Before getting to know about the ways to increase Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate), let us understand what is meant by CTR first.

What is CTR (Click Through Rate)?

CTR is measured in a percentage and is the number of clicks you have received to the total number of impressions you have got for an Advert (Ad).

CTR Formula:

CTR = (Click/Impressions)*100


CTR = (15/100)*100 = 15%


In the above example, we have received 15 clicks for showing the ad 100 times that would lead to 15% CTR (Click Through Rate).

The methods I am going to explain below would help you to optimize the campaigns which are focused on getting more clicks to your Ads that would help you in turn to get more leads or sales.

You can implement these techniques to increase the Click through Rate (CTR) across any other search advertising platforms like Microsoft Bing and Yahoo! Gemini not only with Google AdWords platform.

Let’s get into the actual methods to boost your Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate)

Tip #1 to boost the Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate)

Know well for whom you are writing your Ad Copies for – TARGET AUDIENCE 

Before writing an Ad copy make sure you set the context first and know well your target audience.

Ultimately we need to show the right ad copy for the right audience at the right time.

To increase the relevancy of your Ad copy to the users, you need to ensure that you have done a proper research on audience before writing an ad copy. So that you will be offering what you have to the one who are actually in need of it.

This would boost up the Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate).

For this you need to understand the sales funnel, this would help you get a better clarity of picture on which stage the users fall into.

adwords ctr sales funnel

Based on your product marketing approach you need to write the ad copies for the users who are at different stages in the sales funnel.

To get to know about your audience requirements, you need to check what problems they are facing and what kind of information they want in forums, blog posts, social media platforms, Quora, and other platforms where you could listen to their problems and come up with proper solution through your product or service and you have to clearly mention the solutions for their problems in your Ad Copies.

If you already having set of users of your product and clients they are already taking services from you, have a one-on-one conversation with them and try to understand their challenges that they are facing and try to work out a solution with your product/services.

Most of the Inbound Marketing Agencies will help the business through their time tested methodologies that have mentioned below to drive more revenue to the Startups or SMBs.

Tip #2 for increasing the Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate)

Check what you are COMPETITORS are doing to compete with them.

Know what’s happening in your industry before launching your first campaign.

Observe your competitors carefully so that you can come up with your own way of google AdWords advertising campaigns.

Check how compelling is there Ad Copies, Ad Extensions they are making use of, Call to Actions, Landing Pages.

It’s always better to get inspired from our competitors and come up with an improvised version of Ad Copies.

Also ensure to check out the platforms they are adopting for advertising their business. Don’t limit yourself to only Search Network. Always seek for the opportunities to expand the market.

Tip #3 for increasing the Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate)

A perfect CAMPAIGN STRUCTURE take you to half way through your success.


This is the fundamental aspect in increasing the Google AdWords Click Through Rate. 

The well-structured campaign would always fetch you a better Click Through Rate. 


Understand the website structure properly and replicate the same while building the campaigns. 

You need to match the campaign structure with the website structure. 


If you are good enough to manage this then you are already on half way to build a successful campaign.

A proper keyword research, tightly themed ad groups and highly relevant ad copies this would help you get more clicks and help you fetch higher Click Through Rates.

Follow the below example to get an idea on what exactly I mean by tightly themed Ad Copies:



adwords campaign structure

In the above example you could get to see, the goal of the campaigns is to promote local listing software. 

We have created 3 campaign targeting to particular locations, have added location specific keywords to match up the targeting of the campaign. We will then have to create the ad copies which are focusing on these keywords.

Tip #4 for increasing the Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate)

Choose the NETWORK carefully at the before constructing the campaign

Selecting the Right Network would impact your campaign performance positively. 

You have to be very clear on selecting the network, if you would be focusing on getting desired results like clicks or conversions then it is better to go by choosing the Search Network. 

If you would like to get more brand awareness then go with Display Network as it would help you to get more impressions.

Even while choosing the Search Network you have to be clear on selecting the Google Search Network or Only Google Search. 

If you would like to reach more audience who are searching for your product/services then you need to select Google and Search Partners. 

If you would like to target only the people who are searching your product/services through Google Search Engine you need to select Google Search option.

You can make use of Value Track Parameter to track Ad Click from which network you got from. 

You can easily measure and take necessary actions to optimize your campaigns based on the quality traffic you are getting from the particular network.

Most feasible option is to stick to Google Search option only at the beginning, later you can opt-in to Search Partners if you want to scale up the account based on the traffic quality.


Tip #5 for increasing the Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate)

LOCATION BIDDING helps you boost Google AdWords Campaign CTR

If you are targeting multiple locations you need to first check which one is good among those locations.

You can download the Google AdWords Geographic Report from the interface and know which is doing well. 

Based on the performance of the location you can increase or decrease the bid.


To have a better control over your Ads, you can make use of Value Parameters that allows us to track the Ads by implementing the parameters at Final URL, Tracking Template, or Custom parameter.


You can make use of physical location and location of interest to fetch the information such as Location of the user and the Location users were searching for. 

The parameters to use to accomplish this are (loc_physical_ms) and (loc_interest_ms).


Google has release a new feature in April 2018 called “Parallel Tracking”. 

You can use this to send customers directly from your Ad to the Final URL and the tracking will happen in the background so that you can decrease the page load time. 

This is one of the most efficient way to increase the CTR as it does help in better User Experience.

Tip #6 for increasing the Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate)

Adopt the DEVICE LEVEL STRATEGY to enhance the Google AdWords Click Through Rate

You need to analyze which device is performing well for your campaigns, then take actions accordingly. 

If suppose if the campaign is not doing good for Mobile devices compared to Desktop, try increasing the bid and make the ad copies more relevant so as to increase the CTR for the campaign. 


If the Desktop device is not at all working for the campaign try to pause and invest the amount to the better performing ones. This way you could drastically increase the Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate).


If you want to create a device specific campaigns that is also make more sense. 

Google AdWords would allow you to select particular device to target the campaign for. 

You can create device targeting campaigns to test and get to know which one is doing good for your business.

google adwords device level bidding strategy

Here is how to do it right, google allows you to bid for the particular device through Device Bid Modifiers option.

  • Click on the campaign you would like to apply the Device Bid Modifiers.
  • Select the Device option from the options available (Refer the picture above.)
  • Select the Device for which you want to increase or decrease the bid.

Tip #7 for increasing the Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate)

Tightly THEMED AD GROUP helps you manage the Campaigns more efficiently


Even though Google AdWords allows you to have enough number of keywords in the Ad Group, you have to ensure that Ad Copies you write should be feasible enough to match most of the Keywords you add in the Ad Group.


Keep your Ad Groups as tightly as possible as it would not only help you manage the campaigns efficiently but to write the Ad Copies which covers these Keywords. 

This in turn would help you achieve higher Quality Score. As we all know that Ad Rank is calculated by Quality Score and the Bid Amount.


If you have more than 20-30 keywords in the Ad Group, your Ad Copy relevancy gets thinned. 

There is no mandatory though!

It would help you achieve better click through rate by increasing the Quality Score.


If suppose if you have more than 50-100 keywords in a single Ad Group then try breaking them up into small and tightly themed Ad Groups to increase the Google AdWords Click Through Rate.

Tip #8 for increasing the Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate)

Adding NEGATIVE KEYWORDS would allow you to focus on keywords which are fetching you positive results


Regularly updating the Negative Keyword List will definitely help you get better results by avoid showing your Ads to the irrelevant search queries. 

Remember the Sales funnel I had explained previously? So you need to follow that to cut down irrelevant traffic getting from different stages.

Negative keywords are great help in increasing the position of your Ads by increasing the clicks. 

You may ask me how? 

You will normally utilize the budget you are spending on keywords which are driving irrelevant traffic to your website to the ones which are fetching you targeted traffic.

How to find the Negative Keywords?

You need to pull the search query report to get to know the negative keywords.

  • Click on the Keywords tab from the left menu bar.
  • Click on the Search Terms from the top menu bar.
  • Select the Search Terms from the drop down.


Below screenshot would show you how to download the search query report:

google adwords keywords tab
google adwords search term report tab


Where to add the negative keywords?

Make sure you add the negative keywords to the respective ad groups to restrict the irrelevant traffic from that particular ad group.

  • Click on the Keywords Tab from left menu bar.
  • Click on the negative keywords tab from the top menu bar.

Below screenshot would show you where you can add the negative keywords:


google adwords negative keywords tab

Tip #9 for increasing the Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate)

Keyword BID OPTIMIZATION would lead to better Quality Score in turn better Ad Rank


Ad Rank Formula

 Ad Rank = Quality Score * Bid

Quality Score – Relevancy of your Ad Copy, Landing Page and Keyword
Bid – Minimum amount you are willing to pay to Google to show up your Ad

Keyword Bid Optimization is one of the key factor in ranking your Ad Copies. 

As soon as you come up with the compelling Ad Copy, the second most important thing you need to focus is to bid the amount which makes your Ad Copy to show up in the first page.

If you bid very less even though you might have created a most compelling Ad Copy then you cannot expect the better Ad Position. 

You need to keep testing with different Keyword Bid rate to check which position are you in the Google Search Results Page.

Higher the position better will be the Click Through Rate. 

Always try to gauge for the top positions to increase the Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate).


Tip #10 for increasing the Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate)

Remove the DUPLICATE KEYWORDS to avoid competing with your own keywords

As we all know that if we use the keywords which are already there in the same ad group or campaign would lead to duplication of keywords.

Which will unnecessarily make us to spend more. Before adding the keywords to the ad groups ensure that you add the keywords to the most relevant ad group at first.


You can find the duplicate keywords through these two methods:

#Duplicate Keyword Hack 1:

Download the keyword report from the Google AdWords Interface. 

Open the downloaded report and select the column you would like to check the duplicate keywords by clicking on Conditional formatting -> Highlight Cell Rules -> Duplicate Values and remove the duplicate keywords from the irrelevant or not so relevant ad groups. 


Follow the below screenshot for the same.


Excel Duplicate Values


#Duplicate Keyword Hack 2:

If you are using the Google AdWords Editor a Desktop App, you can select the keyword tab and click on Tools -> Find Duplicate Keywords.

Follow the below screenshots for the same.


google adwords editor - duplicate keywords check 1
google adwords editor - duplicate keywords check 2


These two methods would help you increase the Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate) drastically allowing you to save some money too!


Tip #11 for increasing the Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate)

Try including the TARGET KEYWORD in your Ad Copy to increase the chances of Ad Clicks.


Always try to include your Targeted Keyword in the Title part of your Ad Copy, you are free to include it in Description too. 

By doing so, you are attracting the user attention to take action as quickly as possible as it increases the Quality Score for an Ad in most of the cases.


I have tested thousands of Ad Copies with different context with and without Keywords. 

I always find the Ad Copies with the Keyword are better at fetching the higher Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate) compared to the ones which are not having Keyword mentioned.

There are cases where you don’t have to include the Keyword such as Brand Campaigns especially when you are already an established Brand. 


You should include the keyword in Product Specific Campaigns, if you are selling the products online, it’s always advisable to include the Product Name and Price to enhance the user experience with the Ad Copies as you would including the Product related Keywords in the Ad Group.

Google AdWords Ad Copy Keywords included in the Title


As you could see in the above Ad Copy, the specific product has been mentioned in the Ad Title. 

Probability of this product getting sold through this Ad Copy is high, as it immediately draws the attention of the user who intended to buy this particular product online.


These are the 11 techniques using which you can optimize your Adwords CTR, if you have been looking out for a digital marketing jobs especially for the ppc job roles, this guide would really help you a lot. 

This is the first part. Here you go for the second part of Google Ads Click Through Rate  series.

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