Google AdWords CTR Secrets Part 2

Google AdWords CTR Secrets – How to crush it in the most effective ways

As I have had promised you that I will be sharing you the remaining hacks to boost your Google Ads CTR. 

Here you go.

Before we begin, let me tell you the fact that this guide would help you whether you are a newbie, expert, Digital Marketing Professional or if you are seeking for a Digital Marketing Job.

Whoever you are and if you would like to enhance your PPC campaigns this guide would help you in many ways to enhance your PPC Google Ads knowledge.

This is the guide which make your PPC life easier.

Let’s begin with Tip#12!

Tip #12 for increasing the Google Ads CTR (Click Through Rate)

A properly formatted Ad Copy TITLE helps you stand out in the Crowd.


Formatting the Ad Copies is one of the time tested methods to increase the Click Through Rate. 

A proper formatting is necessary for your Ad Copies to make it stand out in the crowd.

If you can observe from the below Ad Copies that the one with the Title Case is more capturing than the other. 

A properly formatted Ad Copy stands out and gets the higher Clicks.


adwords ctr tip 12

Tip #13 for increasing the Google Ads CTR (Click Through Rate)

Google Ads Countdown Timers are to create an urgency in your Ad


If your company is providing any offers that is going to expire in few days or hours or running any seasonal campaigns, you could make use of this option to trigger an urgency in your Ad so that users can click on your ad and take necessary actions on your landing page.

You need to use the below Syntax in the Ad headline to activate the Google Ads Countdown Timers.


Syntax: {=COUNTDOWN(“yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss”,”language”,daysBefore)}


As soon as you enter the above syntax you will see a pop shown in the below picture.


adwords ctr tip 13 countdown

Tip #14 for increasing the Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate)

Compelling AD COPIES would always end up in getting you more clicks for your Ads.


When I say compelling, I am talking about the relevancy factor here. 

Just look how you will be searching when you want to buy something online, you seek only what you want to buy. 

It’s that simple.

There are high chances that we might miss out the simplest things often times, because we ignore thinking that it’s simple!


So to avoid this mistake, before writing an Ad Copy we have to make sure that to set the context and ask yourself the below few questions which could help you write a best possible Ad Copy.

Who is our target Audience? 

What they really want to do when they see our Ad?

Do you think if they click on your Ad they would get what they are seeking for?

Back to basics, check the sales funnel to come up with the right context and then start writing your Ad copy. This would definitely help you to achieve higher Click Through Rate (CTR) for your Ad Copies.

Try to observe your competitors and come up with your own way to write the more compelling Ad Copies. Always split test to find the best one.

Tip #15 for increasing the Google Ads CTR (Click Through Rate)

SYMBOLS are one of the ways to get instant attention from the user


If you can see from the below four Ad Copies, we can get to know that the Ad with special symbol like % and Rupees is more compelling to the user.

% is for suggesting some offers and Rupees is for price point, both catches the user attention at the very first sight of an Ad.

If you don’t get noticed there are no chances of your Ad getting a click. So it does affect in increasing the Google Ads CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

adwords ctr tip 14 ad copy

Tip #16 for increasing the Google Ads CTR (Click Through Rate)

DISPLAY URL are one of the key factor in increasing the relevancy of your Ad Copies.

Google Ads allows you to tweak the Ad Copy by not simply pasting the Website Address but to mention the Keyword and Clear path to enhance the user experience.

Expanded Text Ads allows you to add up to 30 characters in the Display URL with two parts, each of 15 characters. You can make full use of two ad Display URL part to boost the CTR.

Google AdWords Ad With Display URL

Tip #17 for increasing the Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate)

KEYWORD in the DISPLAY URL increases the Ad relevancy


As we all knew that relevancy is the most important factor in calculating the Quality Score of an Ad. Click Through Rate of an Ad would usually be high for the Ads which are relevant to the user search query. 

Because, that’s what user would be searching for.

adwords ctr tip 17 url


If you can see from the above screenshot that, compared to the first two Ad Copies third one seems to be more compelling. 

As it does include “Women Dress” keyword in both Ad Title and Display URL. 

So for someone who is looking for Women Dresses there are high chances that they end up clicking this Ad.

This way you can tweak your existing Ad Copies to make use of the keyword in the Display URL part to increase the Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate).


Tip #18 for increasing the Google Ads CTR (Click Through Rate)

Give the users clarity on what they have to do when they see your add through CTAs (Call To Actions)


CTA (Call To Actions) are great way to help get higher Google Ads CTR (Click Through Rate) as it literally push the users to take action as quickly as possible.

If you are running an Offer Ads or some seasonable campaigns you will get to see a huge spike in the CTRs because of the Call To Actions you might have specified in the Ad Copies.

Let’s say if you have a valuable eBook to offer for Free.

You might include the Call to Action as “Download Now!” in the Ad Copy.

So, people who are interested in your eBook not only help you to get more clicks by clicking on your Ad.

But, actually download them once they land on your Landing Page. 

So, Call to Actions have great power to convert the user to prospect to customers.

Always mention CTAs wherever necessary and possible to better optimize your Ad Copies.

Below is one such example of Ad Copy with a great Call To Action.


adwords ctr tip 18 cta

Tip #19 for increasing the Google AdWords CTR (Click Through Rate)

Making use of DYNAMIC KEYWORD INSERTION (DKI) in your Ads to better engage with the users


Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) automatically uses the keyword in your Ad Group and updates it in your Ad Copy.

Let me help you understand with the example below:

Headline: Buy {KeyWord:Chocolate}
Display URL:
Description: Artisan candy from Bengaluru. Free shipping orders Rs.50 more!

In the Headline, we are making use of Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI).

The word Chocolate as the default keyword as in if none of the keywords in your ad group matches with the user search query, it does get shown in your Ad headline. 

Get know how to set up DKI here. Avoid using misspelled keywords in your DKI which would affect the user experience.


If you want to make your Ads more compelling to the users, try to use DKI in your Ad Copy. 

It will increases the chances of getting clicks and in turn help you increase the Click Through Rate (CTR).


There are three ways you can capitalize your DKI to implement in your Ad Copy.

  1. Title Case: All the words in your keyword will be capitalized.
    Example: “Leadometrics Internet Marketing Services”.

  2. Sentence Case: Only First word in your keyword will be capitalized.
    Example: “Leadometrics internet marketing services”.

  3. Lower Case: All the letters will be in lower case in your keyword.
    Example: “leadometrics internet marketing services”.


ATip #20 for increasing the Google Ads CTR (Click Through Rate)

Non-performing Ads copies should be PAUSED to help better serve the one which is performing


Pausing the non-performing Ad Copies would give the chances to serve the one which is doing better in the Ad Group. 

What I mean by non-performing is if you might have set a campaign goal as Clicks/Conversion then you need to pause the Ad Copies which are not fetching you any clicks or conversions but only impressions.


If your Ad Copies are getting only impressions but not clicks then it is affecting the overall Google Ads CTR (Click Through Rate). 

You need to either tweak the Ad Copies to make it performing or better you pause it after trying all the possible ways to get the clicks out of those Ad Copies.

Tip #21 for increasing the Google Ads CTR (Click Through Rate)

TEST different Ad Copies to retain the one which is having higher CTR in the Ad Group


You can implement A/B testing of Ad Copies at Ad Group level to get to know which one is performing well and pause the one which is not.

By this way you can get to know what kind of Ad copies users are drawn to click them. You can implement the same across different other Ad Groups to increase the Click Through Rate.


As you know, Google Ads is always about testing, testing, and testing. 


There is no set method or blueprint which could help you create a profitable campaigns always! 

The moment you think one copy works well after a while you know it’s not. 

This is how the stuff works here in Internet, you need to test and always be patient with the results. 


It’s like testing 20 Ad Copies and you get to know only one or two works best among them, which drives more profit that the other 18-19 ad copies failed to do so. 

That’s how it works!

You should be always testing as the campaign success is purely dependent on user behavior. 

Moreover there will always be room for opportunities. 

So, you have to give what’s best to the users at the right time with the right momentum to make the campaign successful!

As I always believe in a fact that no one knows everything and everyone knows something.

Please share the missing points from the Google Ads Series (Part 1 and Part 2). 

Let’s all grow together. 

Let me know your valuable thoughts through comments. 🙂 

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