List Building through Email Marketing

Email Marketing and List Building

Email Marketing and List Building are the most hot topics in the market today. 

You may ask me why?

Because the Return on Investment is too high in email Marketing and list building.

Email Marketing is considered to be one of the high demand skills in Digital Marketing to become a successful digital marketer.

Let’s help you understand how can you benefited from email marketing and list building for your business.

Basics of Email Marketing​

Email marketing is one of the most powerful channel in Digital Marketing.

Before you start your email marketing process, you need to understand the buyer’s journey thoroughly before writing up your first mail.

As each individual falls under different stage in the buyer’s journey.

You will have to sequence the email follow-ups to finally achieve your business goals through email marketing.

Core benefits of Email Marketing & List Building:

  • Email Marketing is Cost-effective – You will have to spend less money comparatively to other marketing. channels. ROI is high with Email Marketing.

  • Mobile user reach is more through Email Marketing – Most of the android phones are integrated with Gmail account.

  • Beauty of Email Marketing is it’s automation feature.

    You can easily automate the whole process of email marketing.

  • You can personalize the emails to get better response rates based on the segmentation you might have done.

  • Quickly measure the effort and impact of your Emails through the reporting tools.
Some interesting facts and stats about email marketing can be known through this report.

Email Marketing Metrics

List building could be the goal of your email marketing but you need to properly track the campaigns using the below metrics.

  1. Open Rate – Number of people who opened your email.


  2. Click Through Rate – Number of people who have clicked somewhere on your email content after opening it.


  3. Unsubscribe Rate – Number of people who have opted out from your email list.


  4. Hard Bounces – People that no longer exists or invalid Email addresses.

    You should consider removing them at the earliest as it impact’s the overall performance.


  5. Soft Bounces – Your email gets delivered once their inbox become free, as it usually be full at the time of sending your email.

    These kind of email accounts usually be created in an intention to get free resources online from the user. These accounts been given a very less importance.


  6. EPC – Earnings Per Click, if you have set a specific goal for each email, if that does get accomplished then you can measure it with this metric.

    If suppose if you have sent your product subscription link to your list, then you can measure how many people have actually subscribed to your product using this metric.


  7. Delivery Rate – It specifies how many number of people from your list have received your email.

    Most of the tools such as Aweber promises up to 95% delivery rate.


  8. Abuse or Complaint Rate – How many people have marked your email as spam.


  9. Forward Rate – How many people have forwarded your email.


  10. Churn Rate – How is your list growing even after unsubscribes and complaints over a regular interval of time.

    25% would be the average churn rate every year.


List Building Tools

Landing Page & Lead Magnets

For list building through email marketing, you need to give away high quality & valuable information to the users as lead magnets.

Landing page is a web page which is built with a single goal such as collecting email ids, downloads, zip submit etc.

Anatomy of a great landing page

How to build a Landing Page?

While building a landing page you should be keeping in mind of the below mentioned points.

  1. USP – Your business Unique Selling Propositions should have been mentioned in Main Headline, Supporting Headline, Reinforcement Statement, and a closing argument.

  2. Hero Image – A full width image captures the audience attention.

  3. Bullet Points – Mention the benefits of your product/services in bullet points which would be easy to read and remember for users.

  4. Social Proof – An added advantage, if you have a huge following online, remember to use it here.

  5. Call to Action (CTA) – Most important thing is to specify what exactly user has to do once he land on to your website using Call To Action. 

Landing Page Examples

Landing Page Example from IMPACT

Landing Page Example from Wistia

You can go through this wonderful guide on how to create a conversion focused landing page here.

See some more here:

Tools to Build a Perfect Landing Page

Writing catchy Email headlines that convert!

A great headline has the following main points in it that help your to increase the open and click through rate.

Follow and use these simple tips to write a great headline.

  1. Create an urgency by mentioning the time period.

    As a FOMO rule, most of the people tend to open emails out of missing something valuable.

  2. Build curiosity to provide the user more information through your email content.

  3. Provide some offers to attract more people to click on your email.

  4. Personalizing the subject line would help you connect with the person irrespective of the background they are from.

  5. Sending the relevant content regularly help your brand stand out in the crowd and make you an authority in the industry.

  6. You can use your audience interests especially the names of recognizable individuals that help them to open your email to know more.

  7. Story telling is always been one of the best practice in email and content marketing.

    You can create an interest in your audience to make them read by opening your email through this method.

Amazing Email headline Examples

Some of the top notch email subject lines from biggest brands:

1) Groupon: “Best of Groupon: The Deals That Make Us Proud (Unlike Our Nephew, Steve)”

Tactics used: it is hard to be funny in marketing but they did use this tactic to make people open their emails.

2) Clover: “Free 👗(Cool!) Clothes Alert👖

Tactics used: Emojis

Manicube: “*Don’t Open This Email*”

Tactics used: Ever been told to not do something? Being asked to refrain from something can actually have the opposite effect — you now want to do that thing even more.


10 Proven Strategies to optimize your Email Marketing Campaigns

  1. Test the headlines with different tactics mentioned earlier.

  2. Send with your email address from the same domain to which user has subscribed to.

    This increases the credibility.

  3. Try to personalize the emails by addressing the user directly.

  4. Body content – Try to include different content formats such as Image, Video, eBooks etc.

  5. Don’t forget to mention the Call-To-Action (CTA) for each email you send.

  6. Provide them an option to share your email if you are providing some value to the user for FREE.

    Make it shareable.

  7. It’s illegal to not to include the unsubscribe link in the email.

    Provide an option for the user to unsubscribe from your list.

  8. Optimize the content for mobile users.

  9. Try out with different timings.

  10. Send the mails customized to different segments as it increases the relevancy. 


If you have any suggestions on the above topics or have some experience and knowledge to share on the above topics. 

Kindly do share with us, as most of the other people do get help from your valuable suggestions. 

Your comments are highly valued and appreciated. Thanks!

~ Vikram C L