become a successful digital marketing professional

Avoid these 6 mistakes to be a successful digital marketing professional


If you are seeking a job as a fresher or a student who would like to acquire digital marketing skills to become a digital marketing professional then avoid the below mentioned mistakes to succeed in digital marketing career.

1. Getting a Digital Marketing Job:

Getting a job is the most difficult job at an early stage of your career. Most of the people don’t know how to get a job. 

Either they search for job openings randomly in the job portals like Naukri, Indeed or LinkedIn and end up getting no call from the HRs. It will not work that way.


Action Step – Try to have an updated resume which should have education background, relevant skills, certifications, and expertise to showcase to the HRs. 

Complete your profile in the job portals, update each and every option in your profile. Apply for the job and try to contact the HRs through LinkedIn.

You can read on this comprehensive guide on how to secure digital marketing jobs immediately.

2. Dream Digital Marketing Company:

You might be having a list of dream companies to work for, but you don’t know to get there.

Action Step
– Go to your dream company career page, check for the digital marketing job openings, list down the skills that you feel you don’t have at the moment.

Try to acquire the necessary digital marketing skills and then apply for the job.

3. Digital Marketing Job Roles and Responsibilities:

You never know what kind of job role you get in to if you blindly apply for the digital marketing jobs.

One of the great advantages of the Digital Marketing industry is that you can get to know the job roles and responsibilities before you even actually start working for the digital marketing company.

Action Step
– Try to apply for the digital marketing jobs only when you thoroughly understand the job roles and responsibilities.

Go through the career pages and understand the skills they are looking for in a candidate.

4. High Pay Scale:

Don’t fall for the fancy pay scales without analyzing the future properly. 

Just because you are getting paid high at the initial stage of your career, don’t join the companies.

I have seen some of the people who blindly get into the jobs for the pay scale without analyzing the skill sets they could have in the job, career growth opportunities.

Also, I have seen people who got stuck by focusing only on one skill with high pay scale and find it difficult to switch due to the scarcity of the jobs in that particular skill.

Action Step
– If you want to be a full time digital marketing professional, you need to focus on aspects such as the designation, pay scale, career growth opportunities, on job facilities, etc. Pascale is just only one aspect of it.

I have seen people who have started with a very low pay scale with wide range of career growth opportunities on the job role and eventually they have got a very high pay scale over a period of time.

Updated Information:

Recently I got to see a job opening for Digital Marketing Professional and with an experience of 6 to 10 years, the company is willing to pay around Rs 35 Lakhs to Rs 50 Lakhs per annum.

So there is a huge demand in the market for Digital Marketing Professionals, but the thing is skilled digital marketing professionals are lack in number.

5. Digital Marketing Startups:

Just because you get a fancy designations like CEO, Co-founder, Director etc. Don’t start a Startup without having necessary skills and knowledge on the domain.

It might seem to have a good name cards like CEO and all but managing a team and looking after the company is a different ballgame.

Action Step
– You cannot know completely unless you start your own startup. 

So, my suggestion is for you to first become a confident digital marketer.

You should be in a situation where you will be able to create a brand awareness campaigns, generate leads or sales to the clients of different industry.

So, get a few years of digital marketing experience to understand the domain thoroughly by working for some other digital marketing companies or digital marketing agencies.

My sincere suggestion to you is to get in to any Digital Marketing Agencies first, as you’ll be getting a different level experience.

To become a confident Digital Marketing Professional, you should be able to handle different clients and that opportunity you will get in most of the Digital Marketing Agencies.

6. Lack of Preparation:

Lack of preparation is the main thing to not succeed in anything you do be it getting your first job, or starting your own company or growing in your digital marketing profession.

Action Step
– As a Student or Fresher you need to first know what exactly they are looking out in a candidate before they hire you as a digital marketing professional.

You need to know the latest trends, tools, and technologies in the Digital Marketing industry to enhance your skills and digital marketing knowledge to move up in the company ladder as a professional.


Please do keep in mind that you need to avoid the above mistakes that most of the students and Freshers do in the initial stage of their career.

If you follow the action steps suggested for each and every mistakes there are high chances that you will succeed as a Digital Marketing Professional.


Become a Successful Digital Marketing Professional


In a rapidly changing environment, being a Digital Marketing Professional is a bit tough task. 

Try to acquire the below mentioned skills to be called as a Digital Marketing Professional:

Search Engine Optimization:

You should be in a stage to rank any given keyword using the latest seo strategies on search engines.

Pay Per Click Advertising:

You will be able to run the campaigns and manage them to make it profitable in any one of the Pay Per Click Advertising Example: Google AdWords, Bing Ads etc.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing being one of the most effective digital marketing channel and you should know how to craft an email that could generate sales.

Content Marketing:

Even though there might have been teams who will be managing the content in your organization, it is a very good thing to know about the content marketing as a cutting edge Digital Marketing Professional.

Social Media Marketing:

It is good to know at least 2 social media platforms thoroughly on how to create brand awareness through latest social media strategies and generate leads or sales through social media advertising.


Bonus Tip:

Video is going to be the most used content by the end of 2020. 

So, It is highly advisable to have a Video Marketing skill too.

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