The two most common questions we have been asked are:

Why Digital Prajna (Digital Marketing Institute) ?” and

“What is the need to learn Digital Marketing?”

To answer to the above questions, please choose the right category below to help guide you through in taking up the suitable digital marketing course for you.



Things you will get to know are:

1) Why do students or Freshers (both IT and Non-IT) or job seekers should learn Digital Marketing?

Vikram, CEO of Digital Prajna had faced some of the most common challenges during his Engineering Graduation.

Some of them are mentioned below:

  • No proper guidance from the senior students or mentors (as they themselves were perplexed on making their career decisions)


  • Internet is such a place where you will get lot of information for FREE but no proper channelized platform or guidance.
    It can be highly distractive environment if there is no one to guide you.
    It is not going to help student make a firm decision.
  • Very less awareness about the new trends and technology, as this generation is more tech savvy and we are living in an ever-changing environment.


  • True but difficult to accept the fact that we have been educated from a broken education system.

    People who gets graduated from the universities are simply coming out by training their memory power.

    That you can do so by using few android or iOS Apps.  : – ) 

2) How Digital Marketing did helped Vikram earning few bucks during his graduation time?

Back then in 2011, Vikram found his passion for Digital Marketing and hustled on his own to start seeing some real money $$$ during his graduation.

He used to build websites for few clients, run promotional offers on ad platforms like Google AdWords and Bing ads for multi-level marketing company (TelexFree – is one of the VoIP product based Russian company). 

Vikram got to know that there is a huge potential for Digital Marketing in India and started pursuing his career in Digital Marketing.

One of the screenshots of his earnings are shown below:

Earning $$$ during student life is a different level of experience which boosts up your confidence to the next level.

I would suggest you to try that out in any positive way. 🙂

~ Vikram

3) How does Advanced Digital Marketing Course will help Students and Freshers?


VIKRAM understood the need of proper guidance during early stage of career for students and Graduates, he has built this newbie friendly Advanced Digital Marketing Course.

This course would help Students and Freshers carve out their career path in Digital Marketing.

He remembers an incident where he had given an opportunity to take up the interview with his team by his manager (when he was working for Yahoo!).

student who failed in the interview

After taking up interviews for more than 100s of people, he and his team didn’t find a suitable match for the role they are looking for.

The students and freshers he and his team had interviewed came from different levels of education such as BE, MS, MBA, BBM, M.Com and M.Tech.

They found that no one that knows of how to actually put the stuff they had learnt from different sources like Digital Marketing Institutes and Online Courses.

The Advanced Digital Marketing Management Course developed by him has the potential to turn a student or fresher into a digital marketing professional in less than 3 months.

student successfully passed the interview

Core benefits of ADVANCED Digital Marketing Course:

  • Get a job on Digital Marketing
  • Become a freelance digital marketer
  • Know ways to earn a passive income online
  • Become a certified digital marketing professional



Opportunities in Digital Marketing for Freshers, Students and Job  Seekers.




Things you will get to know:

1) What is the need of learning Digital Marketing as a Marketing Professional or as working professional?

Digital Marketing is the domain which is evolving rapidly and more and more businesses are coming online to take advantage of it.

As most of the companies which were previously focusing on traditional marketing are now being digitally revolutionized to tap into the vast opportunities available online.

So they are in need of digital marketing professionals who could handle their digital marketing campaigns.

If you are planning to switch the role, this is the time to do so.

Digital Marketing, as it is booming in India and open up multiple doors of opportunities to the professionals.

sad working professional

Let us consider Vikram’s case and understand the insights he had got from his seniors during his professional career:

Key challenges that most of the experienced professionals would face:

  1. Vikram met few of his seniors who were facing midlife crisis.

    He got to know the fact that if we are an expert in one particular tool or subject (example: SEO expert, PPC expert), we might become outdated over a period of time.

  2. Even though you might call yourself as an expert in only one particular tool and the tool is very less likely to be used by majority of the businesses.

    Most of the people he had met were
    comfort zoned in their own habit patterns.

    This had took a great toll on their career growth.

2) How to overcome the challenges during professional life that most of them face?

  • Vikram got to know the fact that sticking to one particular area of expertise in the domain will not help us grow in professional life.

    So to avoid this risk of being insecure, we have to have in-depth knowledge on one particular subject and expand the awareness of other related subjects under the same domain.

    Example: If you are an SEO Expert, better you learn Social Media and Paid Ads to be a more valuable professional in the industry down the line say 4-5 years.

  • Businesses will always look for less expensive ways to market their product or services.

    If you are a master of any one particular tool and the tool is too expensive, you are bound to be replaced in any organization you are working for.

    As businesses will opt-in to the less expensive tool and better ways to market their product that you had no skill of working on the different tool.

    Try getting your hands dirty by trying out multiple tools and platforms.

happy working professionals
  • If you are comfort zoned in your habit patterns and not learning any new skills, it would definitely affect your career growth in one or the other way.

    It is always advisable to learn new things, take up new courses be it online or classroom and add more skills to your profile.

    VIKRAM started enhancing his marketing perception by learning multiple methods of marketing the product or services. 

    He had hands on experience on multiple tools and tried out different strategies to run a successful marketing campaign.

When I was working for a Microsoft representative company, I was given a chance to handle a specialized position, even though I had less experience than the designation which had expected the professional to have (10+ years).

The designation which I was allotted to were available to the very few people at Microsoft.

This was possible only because of sincerely following seniors advices on working on the skill set that led to climb up in the company ladder rapidly.

I was looking after all the clients across India from the key regions Bengaluru, Delhi, and Mumbai for Bing Advertising Platform.

I feel this has happened because I didn’t comfort zoned myself with my old habit patterns.

~ Vikram

3) How does PRO Digital Marketing Course will benefit working professionals?

The PRO Digital Marketing Course that has designed to help professional from any background would help them to master the art of Digital Marketing in less than 3 months.

This course will help professionals to learn Digital Marketing in 360 degree, and help them acquire end to end digital marketing skills.

Professionals will be working on multiple tools and technologies to develop and run a successful digital marketing campaign.

Core benefits of PRO Digital Marketing Course:

  • Increased Payscale
  • Improved skill set
  • Better understanding of the overall marketing campaigns
  • Learn multiple ways to promote your client’s business
  • Become an Entrepreneur/Solopreneur



How to Become an Expert Digital Marketing Professional.




Things you will get to know are:

1) Why do most of the entrepreneurs failed to take the advantages of Digital Marketing?

Vikram’s entrepreneurial journey as a solopreneur in building a digital marketing service based startup Leadometrics Internet Marketing Services was very tough during initial days due to the following reasons.

  • Most of the client he had met are either not aware of digital marketing or having poor knowledge of digital marketing and about opportunities available in online marketing.

    He used to spend more time in educating the clients on digital marketing and its available opportunities for their business.

  • He had also met clients who were looking out for setting up an in-house digital marketing team.

    But, unable to find the skilled marketing professionals to create one.

  • Few of the clients were failed to get a quality services from the previous Digital Marketing Agencies.


Study shows that 14% of the startups will fail due to poor marketing.

2) How Digital Marketing is going to help Entrepreneurs or any Business Owners (SMBs & Startups)?


Digital Marketing has become one of the most effective ways of promoting the businesses from the last 10 years.

There are very less number of businesses that have their online presence.

Whoever is having their online presence & are aware of digital marketing opportunities, they are making better use of them.


Let us imagine a case where you are a wonderful cook! ; – )

wonderful cook


You prepare a very tasty food and wait for someone to come to you to request for the food.

You waited for few hours. But, no hope!

You will not be able to deliver it to the people who are in need.


If it is not delivered to the one who is in need then degree of tastefulness of the food will never matter.


“Unless you tell them, people will not listen to you. “


You should talk about your product or services.


Yes! You got it right!


Digital Marketing is the way to help reach out to the right audience to deliver your tasty food. :- )



Here is the case study of Vikram’s Leadometrics Client.

CLIENT BUSINESS: Educating People on Stock Markets

CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVE: To generate offline event visits

PLATFORMS USED: Google Ads and Facebook Ads



Vikram went ahead and explained the ways through which client can utilize the opportunities for his business.

Client agreed to run the campaigns for 30 days with Rs 1, 00,000 campaign budget.

Vikram run the campaign for the local event that was focused on getting the leads through Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Client was surprised to see the results and the brand awareness that had fetched him from the budget that was underutilized and in less than the stipulated time.


Here is the campaign results from Google Ads and Facebook Ads:

Click the below image to see in fullscreen.


Client aimed to get 150 visitors for his free seminar on Stock Market and ended up getting around 80 seats just through Facebook ad campaigns.

Client had up-sold his main course Stock Market Workshop with the ticket price of Rs 10,000.

This is how powerful the Digital Marketing is.


This is what client has to say about Digital Marketing

3) How does Digital Marketing Crash Course will help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners?

Vikram, after knowing all the challenges that most of the business owners are facing today came up with Digital Marketing Crash Course.

Digital Marketing Crash Course is a well-structured program that help business owners to become aware of available digital marketing opportunities.

This course will not only help knowing the opportunities but focuses on taking full advantage of them for the business growth.

It goes one step further that it’ll teach you on how you can automate parts of the marketing process.


Core benefits of Digital Marketing CRASH Course:

  • Know cost effective ways to promote your business online
  • Setting up and managing a digital marketing team
  • Increasing business ROI through digital marketing campaigns
  • High quality lead generation
  • Multi-channel marketing to expand brand awareness
  • Increasing the sales for your business



Top 10 Mistakes to avoid as a Startup Owner.




DIGITAL PRAJÑĀ established from a seed thought of sharing high quality knowledge at a very reasonable price that could reach numerous people. As the Digital Marketing is a booming industry in India Digital Prajna is helping in producing more number of Digital Marketing Professionals to the industry.


Our Vision is to reach large number of people who are interested in learning Digital Marketing considering the fact that not all people will be having enough monetary potential to avail the quality education.


Our goal is to train up maximum number of people in Digital Marketing industry that would reduce the percentage of gap between the number of job openings available and the availability of the skilled Digital Marketing Professionals. Also, to increase the Entrepreneurs in India in Online Marketing.


Vikram CL is a leading faculty in Digital Prajna. Being a Computer Science Engineering graduate, he found his passion in Digital Marketing. He has been in the Digital Marketing Industry from past 6+ years. He worked for Top most Multi National Companies like Yahoo! and Microsoft with a Premium Digital Marketing Agency as a background experience. He has trained up number of people in his previous organizations. He proved himself in the organizations he had worked serving more than 150+ clients using different tools and technologies. He also has Globally recognized Digital Marketing Certifications and got certified from Google, HubSpot and Bing.

Faculty Profile

If you want to know more about the course instructor, please read below.

” Hi, I will be sharing with you the little knowledge whatever I have got through my 6+ years of experience in this Digital Marketing Course.
Looking forward to see you on Dashboard. If you want to know more about my profile, please visit the page here. ”


CEO and Founder, Leadometrics